• On-Demand Car Wash App – Business Challenges & Solutions Dec 26, 2018
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    With the advent of technology, there is an application for almost anything and everything. Car washing industry too has been an eyewitness of such a development where you can book an appointment and get your car washed all sitting at your home. There is an emotional connect of people with their car and taking its full care is something that directly matters to your reputation. People are conscious and well aware of this fact and hence get a regular wash to their car. A car wash mobile service has a good future scope as it saves a lot of time for customers.


    Business Challenges:

    The Online car wash app development poses several challenges, the basic out of which is the low margin. Since there are multiple players, all newbie to this road, they are very competitive based on their price and hereby other companies are forced to sell without any increase in the margin. Secondly, the nature of this business is very much cyclical. Someday like weekends when people are free, there would be a large number of customers and the other day like weekdays when the people are busy, you would be left idle for the day. Hereby, a strong customer loyalty program needs to be developed in order to make customers regularly use the service.

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    Constituents of being alive:

    The need to pursue excellent customer service is very much important for the customers. The car is an emotional product and is given to washing only when the customers want a mental feel good satisfaction for itself. Hereby, the customer wants the car to be much more than clean. Also, engage the customers with all your might. Attract your customers towards yourself in order to know what they actually want out of car wash. For the short term attraction, various promotion techniques such as a discount coupon, rewards points can be used for a better experience. Lastly, a car wash owner needs to think in multiple areas in order to lure its customers. Effective marketing plan along with superb service through the use of latest equipment sums towards a perfect service.


    So, the above challenges are faced by the Car wash application industry the solution to which isn’t available at large. Hereby, an owner of such a service needs to think more like an entrepreneur of a conglomerate startup which is home for multiple products or service delivered to the customer.

    Car Wash Application -Business Challenges & Their Solution:
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