• Nudge-Wink Marketing for Growing Customer Relationships May 5, 2017
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    Most businesses spend, most of their marketing efforts and budgets in attracting new potential customers to their websites.

    This is fantastic because for most businesses, websites are the best, first-touch marketing assets out there - customers understand them, they are available virtually 24/7 and if they are well designed they will communicate the key benefits of the products, who they are for and how to buy them. What business owners often forget though, is that all customers go through a buying cycle and will almost never be ready to 'buy' on their first visit to a website. At least 95% of target visitors to a website will leave without you ever knowing who they were. And, some of those visitors are leaving, not because they are not interested in your product; rather that they are just not ready to buy at the moment.

    So the challenge is; how do we 'engage' those visitors that are interested but not ready to buy now, so that they haven't forgotten about us amongst the noise and the competition when they are ready to buy? We need to do something differently ...


    This is the topic of conversion rate optimisation ... historically it has been focussed on optimising content, design and 'action calls' (e.g. sign up for the newsletter etc).

    IP Tracking can help you here - by using these systems, website owners can get a list of the businesses that have visited their websites and give it to the sales teams to follow up. Companies like Lead Forensics offer these types of services, but the downside here is two fold; 1) they only ID business users, 2) The sales team will likely insufficient data to make effective action ... dropping an note on your sales manager's desk and telling them to 'call the BBC, because someone in one of their buildings has been on the website', probably won't help her very much!

    A more automated method has been to use chat-boxes, which allow an interested customer to 'ask questions whilst browsing', which should lead to a connection and an increased chance of them returning. The main problem with chat-boxes is that many will pop up for every single user, every single time they enter your website, which will put off many potential customers before they have even had a chance to have become interested in your product.

    What if there was a way of using IP tracking data to identify an implied interested visitor (anonymous individual and/or identified business), and 'nudging', those visitors that say, have already been to our site on 2 occasions and who are currently viewing our products pages? And what if we could then give them an easy way of staying connected whilst they move through their 'supplier selection journey'? ...


    If we can do this and we got a positive response, it would imply that our visitor is interested in our company and our products and that we would have shared a nudge (and a wink) - a good start for us, as our potential customer begins their buying journey :)

    Correctly implemented, over the period of time equivalent to our average customer buying cycle the tactic improves the conversion rate by 10%-50%, dramatically improving sales because it is driving an increase in the number of customers that 'remember' us when they are ready to buy.

    Fortunately, there is an IP tracking tool that includes a feature called theTruffle Bubble that does all of the above. Happy nudging, for more new customer relationships.


    Over 1,000 businesses from all over the world are using www.traffictruffle.com and the number is growing rapidly. Currently there is a free version available and the pro version is at just US$99 pm. Customers who sign up now retain these rates for as long as they want them.

    Full transparency - I am an investor in Traffic Truffle, but I'm also a knowledgable guy (University Lecturer and Author on Digital Marketing) and whichever set of tools you choose to use, I truly believe that the 'low hanging' opportunity for every business is in working a little harder on Converting more of those anonymous website visitors into more real world customers. And as with great relationships, it's those special moments of interaction that really count ...

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