• Niche Directories May 2, 2017
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    I created a new system the other month that creates niche directories.

    After a bit of playing around I've now got it set up so it runs of less than half a dozen files and I can set a new site up for any category in minutes and either use the data from one central database or quickly create, and fill, a new database for it.

    Question I ask myself now is, will it be worth creating niche directories and if so what to create them for?

    The 1st one I created was for Bookkeepers https://www.spotthedot.co.uk/ and yesterday afternoon I created one for florists - https://www.countysearch.co.uk/florists/

    With over 100 categories in my main directory having over 500 entries I've got to decide what to create niche directories for, whether to have one per website, put a few on each website or just not bother.

    What category would you like to see a niche directory for?
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