• New RightmovePlaces website Jul 8, 2011
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    I would put Rightmove.co.uk in my list of top 10 websites, so was amazed to see just how bad their new social media website RightmovePlaces is.

    It's so bad I had a little rant about RightmovePlaces on my v1 seo site.

    I honestly can't believe a company that produces a website as good as rightmove.co.uk can produce a site as poor as rightmoveplaces.co.uk

    Could the timing of the launch be much worse too? Just as Google launch Google+ and facebook start pushing facebook places more.

    Will it improve as people use it? I truly hope so, but it needs to be a lot easier to use, it needs to be more engaging and please, please RightmovePlaces bring the Beat Miles game back.
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