• Need a bad credit mortgage fast, we are breaking records for our customers Aug 29, 2019
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    Breaking records and unlocking doors for our customers – A big day in the adverse mortgage broker world

    Tuesday two weeks ago was a huge day, not just for Simply Adverse, but for our clients and our lending partners. We produced 7 Bluestone mortgage offers, our biggest total for a single lender in one day.

    The fact we were able to achieve this is a culmination of so many things but primarily it is the bespoke system we have built, our tried and tested infrastructure, our people and in this instance a great relationship with a truly collaborative mortgage lender inBluestone.

    We manage the entire underwriting, communication and case management process ourselves, there is no requirement for any third party involvement. As a result, the experience within our team has become a powerful tool in the adverse mortgage space.

    Behind the seven mortgage offers yesterday there are many reasons why the client ended up talking to us, but the theme is very similar…

    • A local recommended broker that couldn’t help
    • A broker that didn’t bother to call back
    • Brokers that said our clients had no chance of getting a mortgage (fortunately these clients didn’t give up and found us)
    • Brokers that tried several lenders and had no success with their scatter gun non-scientific approach
    Four of the seven mortgage offers were delivered in under 15 working days, which in the adverse market is genuine progress. This success has not been borne out of flashy marketing materials, underwriters on site or perceived exclusives.

    Whilst we are not perfect, we have worked hard on a communicative relationship with our lenders and customers that ensures we accept mistakes and more importantly learn from them. We communicate frequently on all cases and seek to understand issues, never making assumptions. We work together to synchronise systems and give the customer a voice regarding their previous credit issues.

    We have a team that fully understands their part in the process and know exactly what Bluestone require. Simply Adverse is supported by a motivated and capable Bluestone Business Development Manager who cares and delivers in Simon Wilson.

    This is not a one off. We have a customer who came to us having been turned down for a mortgage with a high street lender, their mortgage has completed in under two weeks.

    We will set further new records and we aim to do this with every specialist mortgage lender in the market. To follow our progress, keep up to date with this story as its updated (originally published)here.

    Talk to us today if you need support and help with any type of bad credit mortgages

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