• My Personal Preferences For Kitchens New Kitchens May 31, 2013
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    We install a wide variety of new kitchens in Birmingham, kitchen fitting is one of our main services that we hope to grow over the coming year. I have been busy updating my kitchen fitter pages on my website http://www.candnpropertysolutions.co.uk/kitchen-fitters-birmingham in an attempt to get more visitors in search of new kitchens to be supplied and installed. The website was originally designed with plumbing and electrical services in mind so i have a fair bit of work to do on it. Having fitted many kitchens now, and seeing all of the various choices people make, i have decided to compile a short list about what i like and why.

    I like gloss kitchen doors. Out of all of the different types of kitchen doors available gloss doors look the most stylish and are extremely easy to clean.

    I like integrated handles. To me, handles on kitchen doors look dated. I much prefer to see a nice integrated handle door as opposed to one with a handle on it. There are various different types of kitchen door handles available, the most popular one is the long bar, but for me personally, i like to see a door without a handle. It is also easier to wipe over the front of a kitchen door that does not have a handle on it as you don't have to weave around the handle of clean the handle itself.

    I like integrated appliances. We have fitted kitchens of both types, integrated appliances and non integrated appliances. Integrated appliances looks miles better than a kitchen with free standing appliances, such as cookers and fridges. In my opinion, those who choose to have a new kitchen and then skimp on having integrated appliances are potentially wasting money as the result isn't as nice and most people prefer to see integrated so should they decide to sell their property they might hinder themselves slightly.

    I like to see space either side of the extractor fan. I was once cooking in a kitchen :eek:. While frying some steak i set fire to the edge of one of the kitchen units. I noticed that the grease from my frying pan was bouncing up onto the unit and it must have eventually built up over time and got hot enough one day that it set fire. I find kitchen units that get grease on them a pain in the ass to clean so i prefer space to be left either side of the extractor to limit the grease build up.

    I like brick shaped kitchen tiles. You can't really go wrong when it comes to kitchen tiles as once a tile is grouted it comes to life and compliments the kitchen units. But i like brick shape kitchen tiles. They are really forgiving if the tiling isn't perfect and they are extremely easy to grout. I hate those small square tiles with un-even edges, they are a nightmare to grout. I like the brick tiles because they are easy to grout and most of all easier to clean.

    I like contemporary. I don't like these old style kitchens you often see in the likes of farm houses, i much prefer the contemporary stuff you see in posh city center apartments.

    I like dark coloured worktops. My current favorite is the basalt slate honed. I prefer a dark worktop to a light one. I don't really know why, i guess they hide wear and tear better than a light worktop in the long-run.

    I like spotlights. I like a kitchen that has a freshly skimmed and painted ceiling with some nice shiny spot lights running down the middle of the room. You wouldn't believe the amount of people that have a new kitchen and don't take into consideration the lighting.
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