• Multitask To Obtain Data On Subscribers Oct 10, 2019
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    Having lots of subscribers to your email marketing lists might well give you the feeling that you’ve cracked it, but without detailed information on your subscribers, you cannot effectively segment your lists. If that’s a bit of a downer, don’t worry. There are some straightforward ways to gain data on them.

    The sign-up procedure for your email marketing lists will probably include a form asking for personal details. You will have decided on a balance between preferred information and the likelihood of irritating your potential subscribers. It will leave you wanting more. The foolproof way to gain information is to make the subscriber make choices.

    I’m all for multitasking. If an email marketing campaign has three objectives, then only hitting two targets means your investment hasn’t been entirely wasted. If you manage your new subscribers by making them an offer they can’t refuse in their first email, you might convince them to stay, as well as ensure they are in a buying mood for the next offer. On top of that, they’ll give you lots of information about their desires and wants.

    If you ask your subscribers their preferences, they will often, maybe even normally, answer in accordance with the image they wish to present. There’s a remarkably high number of people who have read War and Peace. There’s nothing like having a choice which includes payment to get them to focus their minds on what they want.

    Designing a marketing email that will generate data requires a little planning. You need to decide what information you want from your subscribers. If you want to know if they’ll go for a bargain or are willing to pay a bit more for a premium product, offer both. You’ll know once the data comes in.

    Another way is if you are offering something that’s a bit technical. Provide a click through for ‘full specifications’. If they spend a few minutes inspecting the minutia, they’ve given you a clear lead as to what they might go for.

    The main purpose for an email marketing campaign is ROI, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore options to gain information.

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