• Magento vs WooCommerce Comparison: Which is the Best Choice for eCommerce Mar 30, 2021
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    Well, the success of an eCommerce business chiefly relies on the platform on which it’s performing.

    Whether you are new to this or already running your online store, you might be holding a technical aspect in your mind. You already know, the market is well-stuffed with varied solutions that go perfectly with every taste. Any business owner, a small seller or a big vendor, will find something that will go perfectly with their expectations relevant to the functionality, costs, security, customization options, and more.

    A perfect back-end that may suit your eCommerce requirements is important for rooting and maintaining your eStore, processing its orders, and dealing with your customers successfully. Thus, you should perform the job of choosing the right platform, responsibly.

    Every platform holds its own group of supporters backing its cause and claiming its excellence. We have decided to take you away from the noise and have a look ourselves to offer you an unbiased outlook to assist you in finalizing a decision.

    Magento vs WooCommerce - both are found the winners when it comes to the features and functionalities, also the popularity. It’s not an easy job to choose an all-rounder and weigh it on the basis of the features it holds as it will leave you in confusion.

    Today, in this post, we are going to put forward the comparison of Magento vs WooCommerce, including their key functionalities, features, pricing, and more. Until you finish reading this post, you will find a solution that may prove to be right for your eCommerce business.

    Comparison Magento vs WooCommerce

    An eCommerce platform, Magento is customized as per the web development proficients’ needs and is best for medium to large stores. Moreover, it provides one of the most powerful feature sets that make it an ideal solution for online stores to meet the ultimate goals.

    A robust platform plugin for the WordPress platform, WooCommerce provides the entire features you expect from an eCommerce solution while enjoying the ease-of-use of its parent platform.

    Comparison Table Between Features of Both eCommerce Platforms

    Magento vs WooCommerce

    Introduction about Magento

    An open-source eCommerce platform, Magento permits businesses to craft online stores, handle products, and accept payments. Besides, it holds a community edition that is available for free download. Also, it has paid solutions that come along with the additional features, support, and cloud hosting.

    Key Features of Magento
    • Comes with its layout system and themes.

    • Embraces an efficient API that can link with any 3rd-party solutions.

    • Supports a limitless number of products, like any self-hosted platform, does.

    • Holds intuitive product creation tools and admin interfaces.
    Advantages of Magento
    • Built for scalability, don’t have any issue in handling large stores, until your host can handle them.

    • Shoppers will find it faster and the credit goes to a smooth process. Plus, by-default the guest checkout is turned ON.

    • Integrates with Authprise.Net, PayPal, and Braintree.

    Disadvantages of Magento
    • Magento is felt more tilted towards the developers as compared to regular users.

    • Its Enterprise Edition can be much costly because of the target market.
    Big brands using Magento
    • Burger King

    • munchkin

    • Coca-Cola


    • Murad
    For What Kind of Business Magento is Suitable

    Magento is widely-accepted to be perfect for medium to large enterprise businesses.

    Magento is picked over WooCommerce because:
    • It is a very secure platform holding an in-built advanced level cache.

    • It also holds various in-built features and doesn’t need as many extensions as WooCommerce needs.

    • It comes with a wide range of free themes and extensions.

    • If you are proficient when it comes to technology, Magento is best for you to build a store from scratch.

    • It provides a robust framework and is highly reliable for order management.

    • Provides various amazing features that are not there in WooCommerce.
    Pricing of Magento

    A free and open-source Community Edition of Magento doesn’t charge anything except for your existing hosting provider. On the contrary, users who find themselves excited for the Enterprise Edition will need to spend a little.

    Introduction about WooCommerce

    The open-source eCommerce platform, WooCommerce is developed on top of WordPress. Moreover, it permits you to build an online store easily, manage the inventory, accept payments, and more. Besides, as it runs on WordPress that’s why offers you access to a plethora of WordPress themes and plugins to expand your eCommerce business.

    Key Features of WooCommerce
    • Allows you to choose approximately any payment processors you need using the extensions.

    • Comes with a powerful extension system that’s based on WordPress plugin format.

    • Provides dozens of free and premium themes.

    • Supports a limitless number of products.
    • Speeding up woocommerce is super easy
    Advantages of WooCommerce
    • It’s simple to choose if you have working experience with WordPress.
    • Setting up an eStore with WooCommerce is free, besides your web hosting expenses.
    • It comes with extensive documentation for its users. Also, you can link the team of your e-commerce project to resolve additional queries.
    • Using an extension, it integrates with Google Analytics.
    • Includes SSL support, but you would be required to obtain a certificate for yourself.
    Disadvantages of WooCommerce
    • If you don’t have any experience with WordPress, you need to learn the two platforms.
    • Premium extensions and themes cost can add up.
    For What Kind of Business WooCommerce is Suitable

    WooCommerce is perfect for small businesses.

    WooCommerce is picked over WooCommerce because:
    • It has a simple GUI that becomes easy for any newbies to learn.
    • It doesn’t demand any customization from the source code as the page builder plugin is already available.
    • It comes with a wide range of free plugins.
    • It demands fewer resources to handle as compared to Magento.
    Big Brands using WooCommerce
    • Underwear Expert
    • Untold Wish
    • Porter and York
    • Root Science
    • Barefoot Buttons
    Pricing of WooCommerce
    WooCommerce is a completely open-source platform that’s why it can be downloaded and set on any server of our choice. Its premium extensions are expensive, that's why it needs annual subscriptions. Besides, web hosting costing will rely on your enterprise size and the package you will get from your provider.

    Wrapping Lines
    Well, after going through the comparison between Magento vs WooCommerce above, now you know the strengths and weaknesses of both the eCommerce platforms. In this limelight, Magneto is found strong holding various powerful extensions, whereas WooCommerce has emerged as a more user-friendly platform.
    Therefore, to finalize which eCommerce platform is best for your eCommerce business, you need to include the size also as the requirements of your eStore. Despite looking for a perfect platform, you should go with the right platform that meets your needs the most.
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