• Libor Compensation Jul 25, 2013
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    I registered a few domain names around the time of the Libor Scandal. As usual, the internet geeks got in early and pinched most of the good ones but i managed to pick up, libor recovery.co.uk, libor reclaim.co.uk and reclaim libor.org.uk. Due to the slow nature of the unfolding banking scandal i chose to set up a primitive site on reclaimlibor.org.uk and gear it up towards LIBOR Compensation .

    I haven't done anything worthwhile with it yet but i am hoping to do something very good with it in the near future. I am in close contact with someone who has actually spent time delving into the London Interbank Offered Rate and mortgages, he is in regular contact with the OFT.

    His ultimate goal is compensation. He has even gone as far as getting in touch with the company who originally brokered the mortgage he was signed up to. At the time of him taking out the mortgage his credit rating was relatively good, a few blemishes but nothing major. The mortgage brokers he used matched him with a lender who at the time was considered a bad credit mortgage lender, the potential reasons the broker did this were most likely based around that lender paying the most commission. Mortgage brokers are under strict guidelines to match applicants to the best deal for them, not the deal that is best for the brokers bank balance, so there is a possibility he will be able to seek some compensation from the brokers as well as the mortgage lender and possibly all of the banks involved in the Libor Scandal for the ways in which they contributed to this persons financial demise - losing his home.
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