• Landing Pages Design And Content Oct 10, 2019
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    There are many factors to consider when it comes to creating landing pages to back up an email marketing campaign. Much will depend on, for instance, how the person arrives at the page, and each route will require different design factors.

    For instance, if they came via an online ad, you’ll know little about them. If they came from a click through on an enewsletter, then you’d be aware of their interests, and they’ll be familiar with your company. If they came via a marketing email, you’ll be able to exploit the information you have on them and be specific for each segmented email marketing list.

    At the start of the design process, you’ll need to consider the purpose of the landing page. While you want a person to complete, what you are offering will limit the design in many ways.

    If you are giving something away, a classic method of gaining subscribers to your email marketing list, then you should concentrate on the product. If it’s an ebook on, for instance, the delights of Venice, you will excite them with the copy and title. Who could resist ‘The Wonders of Unknown Venice, and How to Find Them’? If they enjoy the book, they might well complete on the minibreak.

    Getting them to subscribe to an enewsletter needs an explanation of what they’ll get. An image, or even a short video, of an example, can be included. Don’t offer them a click through to your latest publication. It will deflect them from signing up.

    In the case of an ebook and newsletter, you should have a form that’s limited in what it asks. Too many questions will put off many. Just a name and email address can be enough.

    Subscribing to your email marketing list needs a more persuasive approach. You want them to trust you with their information, so include a testimonial or two. Appear confident yet approachable. Mention security and reputation. If you’ve been in email marketing for five years, then say so. The form will be longer, but also as short as possible. Reassure them with every word and image.

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