• Kitchen and Bathooms Nov 21, 2013
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    I have decided to set up a new website for kitchens and bathrooms. It's not finished yet but i have high hopes for it http://kitchensandbathroomsbirmingham.co.uk/kitchen-supply-and-fitting. I was perusing the recent uploads on the theme installation section of my WP admin panel and noticed that there are a few themes that have been uploaded recently that could be converted into proper websites easier than some of the others. I often feel underwhelmed with free themes and even the paid themes. With the theme i have installed i am hoping to keep it simple but make minor tweaks to it, such as graphics talking about special offers on kitchens like free appliances and 50% off boilers for anyone who needs a new kitchen. The site won't just talk about kitchens it will also discuss bathrooms and i will also create inner pages talking about electrical services such as house rewiring and plumbing and gas services like central heating.
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