• IT Outsourcing Trends in 2018 - What Should We Expect? Aug 10, 2018
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    While previously businesses were outsourcing IT services to reduce their operational expenses, a large number of them now focus on the credibility of the IT service provider and the value of their services. With the IT industry expected to grow steadily throughout 2018, companies will choose outsourcing services so as to leverage the next the generation technologies such as mixed realities, artificial intelligence, and big data analytics.

    Since technology is dynamic, it poses a huge challenge to the outsourcing industry. Due to this, companies need to be in tandem with the IT outsourcing trends. Developers will also need to improve in both their areas of expertise and the adoption of new development trends. Here are some of the IT outsourcing trends that will dominate 2018.

    The demand for soft skills will rise
    Although the pressure to get the right skills will still increase, the need for human soft skills will become more critical. Soft skills such as being a team player, communication skills, knowing when to say no among others will have a lot to do with the success of IT projects. Since there will be no place to hide, developers must prepare themselves to acquire both hard and soft skills that are needed in tomorrow's market

    Shortage of IT skills will intensify
    As from 2016 hiring a skilled IT professional has become very hard. Specialization will be one of the crucial points in outsourcing software development. This trend is expected to continue in2018 as businesses are increasingly incorporating technology into their activities. This will result in companies outsourcing some IT roles that were previously done by the internal staff.

    Because of this, there will be a heavy demand for skills such as open source, mobile, and Microsoft software development skills. Programmers with skills in new technologies will become even hard to find and network resources will also be in high demand.

    Early adoption of the use of blockchain technology
    In the past few years, blockchain has increasingly become one of the most interesting trends. By offering convenience in payment issues and getting rid of the middlemen, it has made business contracts and payments very easy. Apart from banks, several other organizations have come up with new ways of facilitating the use of this technology in the currency loan platforms among other applications.

    The media, healthcare organizations, legal firms, and telecommunication industries are also investing a lot in the new technology. Companies are, therefore, expected to come together for the use of one blockchain based currency. Developers who have experience in blockchain will also be in high demand.

    Companies will focus more on value
    While cost was one of the main factors in IT outsourcing, clients are now focusing more on value and the kind of services being provided. The market is expected to see an increased emphasis on areas such as security, productivity, and quality.

    Since today's customers are highly educated, they can easily detect any failures associated with outsourcing. This will increase the need to deal with clients in a transparent manner and provide better value for their money. Customers will pay more for high quality and value-added services. The focus will move from costs to value.

    Specialization of IT expertise
    In 2018 organizations will become more focused in their areas of specializations such as big data, blockchain technology, bioengineering, automobility and more Experts will also be required to work on projects and software solutions that create applications.

    Companies who have narrower specialization are likely to have more knowledge on the few solutions that they provide. Whether it's embedded software development, automotive, or IT solution, it's upon the outsourcing company to choose which type of specialization to focus on.

    Since technology has become vast, more and more companies are expected to outsource in 2018. However, most companies will explore high-quality software development services and different ways to leverage emerging technologies. Since every company will be starting new IT projects, 2018 is expected to be a very interesting year.
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