• Is Grain Free Dog and Cat Food better for your Bank Balance? Nov 9, 2018
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    Ok, so rather an emotive headline - but seriously have you ever considered the cost of your beloved pet?

    Not only do you pay over the odds usually for a 'branded' food, but you also then have to pay for the consequences of it.

    So, back to basics then - grain in your food produces more waste - more waste means more cleaning up, means more time spent doing it. When an animal gets excited, say, heading on a walk, they tend to get looser bowels to start with, but with lots of cheap bulked out, grain food, this becomes even more apparent.

    Oh, how I enjoy now, not having to carry six dog bags, and wipes for the floor - when you can't scoop it up and have to somehow clean the pavement from that awful brown gunk! (I am being so polite here.)

    So not only, do I now enjoy cleaner walks, cleaner garden and less accidents - my dog is actually looking healthier - his coat is shining and not brittle as he enjoys grain free dog food .
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