• Is Being Outside Your Comfort Zone Always the Best Thing... Mar 20, 2019
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    Is being outside your comfort zone always the best thing to do?

    We're often hear or read that your business will only be a success once you get out of your comfort zone.

    Okay, new things are often scary the first time we do them, that's natural, and we usually do feel better once we've done them for a while.

    But what if you step outside of your comfort zone, and you actually find, no matter how much you try, you still hate what you're having to do?

    Instead of getting better, you are actually still paralysed with fear and cannot focus.

    Would it not be better to let someone else do those things, and you concentrate on what you're best at?

    And even if it's not something that you fear, it's just a boring, mundane task, you shouldn't have to be doing it, especially if it can be outsourced.
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