• Invitation for a Marriage: What should I Wear? Dec 11, 2017
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    Let's start from the basics! You are definitely not going to choose something in white!!! At weddings we do not wear white clothes unless we are the bride.

    Remember that you are dressed up for a "celebration" and not for a job interview, so you should have some fun with the choice of clothes. Now is the time for the wedding style and you can wear all these colors or prints you loved! Weddings are related to joy and love, so feel joyful in what you are doing and love the way you look like! Remember that you have to dress appropriately for the occasion! Not too casual, but in a nice and elegant way.

    Here there are some interesting suggestions whether you are invited to a wedding in a city, or in the countryside!

    Wedding in the summer

    Weddings in the summer tend to have a more relaxed mood. This, of course, does not mean that you are going to wear a pair of jeans but you do not have to be super formal too! Choose an impressive maxi dress that fits the occasion or a blomstrede kjoler. Something airy and silky suits ideally with the feel of the season.

    A wedding ceremony in the summer does not have the strict formal dress code, so we can avoid high heels and focus on walking comfort in an elegant chic sandal! For a little more formal style you can choose a sandal decorated with special marbles! As for the hair, you can hold it simply with loose waves or grab it up in a horsetail! Make up your face in bronze tones just for a sophisticated look and color your lips with a matte lipstick with no color.

    Wedding in the winter

    When it comes to a classic marriage in town, in the middle of the winter, then it's time to go in a formal way. You know the bride will be impeccable in her big, white wedding dress, so we have to move accordingly. The safest option is to choose an elegant dress that ends anywhere from the knee to the ankle. These weddings require a strict dress code than other types of summer weddings. Avoid the intense prints and if you are thinking the color you are going to choose, although black is good option, it is good to light our appearance with little color, because we are in a party! If you still tend to the dark shades, instead of black, choose a navy blue. It will have the same stylish effect without the hardness of the black! Unlike outdoor weddings, a classic winter wedding will be followed by a banquet and is definitely the chance for your high heels to be worn! You can choose a pair of high heels in neutral shades such as nude, black gold! As for your hair, you can grab them up in a loose with light curls. As for the makeup, a tense look for more charm is preferable.

    Romantic wedding in the countryside

    Wedding ceremonies taking place in countryside have the sense of simplicity. Nature plays a central role so it is good to choose something comfortable, practical and beautiful! Something simple but ideal for the occasion is a skirt with vintage blouse. Choose from colors such as purple, pale yellow, pink and red for your dress. These colors fit into the backdrop of a wedding in the open air! Also floral patterns are appropriate for this occasion. Take care of the length of your dress to avoid contact with grass and unexpected stains! The most likely thing is to have to step on a lawn so the appropriate shoe would be a platform to avoid an accident with the heels that sink into the soil! Your hair can be in soft wig and your makeup should be something fresh and cool in pale shades!
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