• How You Can Get Your Employees To Be As Productive As Possible Mar 27, 2019
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    The struggle for many business owners is finding ways to make their current staff as productive as possible. This has to be done with balance in mind as nothing is worse than having a staff that is burnt out from being asked to do too much. The truth is that most employees are going to be able to increase their production over the course of time. Those that are staying stagnant in their performance are not looking for different ways to produce more. The following are tips to help a business owner get the most production out of their employees possible.

    The Break Room Should Offer Relaxation
    A break room with snack or even a massage chair can be a good way for employees to get a pick me up in the middle of the day. Providing coffee is cheap and caffeine when consumed in moderate amounts can increase productivity. With all of this being said it is important to stress that taking a break should not be too long as this is what lunch is for. This can also be a great place for staff to banter or even engage in small talk. Increased communication is always healthy for company production as a whole.

    Time Tracking Software
    Time tracking software might seem excessive but employees that are not doing anything wrong should not push back at all. You do not want to be paying staff to watch videos on the internet or for them to browse their social media. This also gives you the ability to see where the top performers are spending their time. This can help develop training programs that will help those that are struggling to attain their monthly production quota.

    Setting Realistic Production Goals
    The last thing that you want to do is set production goals that are impossible. This will hurt the morale of the staff if they find themselves working as hard as possible without even getting close to the goal. The month that these goals has to also be kept in mind as some months are simply slower for some companies than others. Write the goals in a public place so they can act as motivation for the staff. Providing lunch is a small cost for them achieving this goal but free food can be some of the best motivation possible.

    Allow Certain Employees To Work Remotely
    There are going to be those employees that are far more productive when working from home. This could be due to a reduction in distractions which can be prevalent especially if they have a chatty coworker seated near them. Meetings can also lead to a drop in productivity as people do not want to start tasks they will not finish when the meeting time is coming up. Offer this perk to those people that consistently perform and let them know if their production increases that this perk could be permanent.

    As you can see there are a variety of ways that you can start increasing production from your staff. Take the time to assess who can really improve and write out a strategy for individuals to do so.
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