• How Virtual Connections Make The World a Better Place Oct 19, 2018
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    In the past, businesses relied on physical marketplaces to trade. With huge set-up costs, the profit margins were thin and customers had to spend more to buy an item that would have cost them less if the seller was more accessible. Thanks to virtual marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, transaction costs have gone low and both sellers and buyers go home happy.

    Virtual connections go beyond business transactions. Here is why the world is a better place with virtual connections:

    Community with shared interests
    Through virtual connections, people with the same interests can interact easily. Professionals can have lengthy discussions that are in-depth and value-adding to both contributors. Also, communities, with ease of interactions can influence the world because of the power of oneness of voice. Within these virtual groups, scientists, leaders, media personalities, policymakers, and artists can make a focused discussion on social issues that impact the world population...

    People can tell their own stories
    While traditional media can influence opinions, very few of them tell the stories accurately. Today, fortunately, there are online media platforms that allow 'subjects' of a story to tell it in their own way. Platforms like OneWorld, accept original content from people all over the world hence real stories can get out there. Information influence opinions and great changes begin with real conversations, but only when people own their stories can the policymakers make impactful decisions.

    Larger group connections
    When people come together, a lot can be achieved. The advantage with larger connections is that it creates a pool of professionals with varied experiences. Unlike the past when people depended on immediate inner-circle connections to outsource expertise, today technology has made it possible for larger groups to connect share experiences, and make decisions that improve the state of the world.

    In conclusion, virtual connections improve trust in humanity. You can now log into eBay and order an item from a complete stranger with an assurance that your money is safe and the product is in the best condition. You can enroll for a course on Udemy, learn a new skill and improve your employability. Whichever way you look at it, the world has become a better place with virtual connections.
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