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    When used in the workplace, automation is about implementing a process to complete repetitive, uncomplicated tasks, using as little manpower as possible. Automation has become so intrinsic to productivity in the workplace, we have come to take it for granted. Whether it is photocopying a document or using a cash register to put through a sale, technology enables us to complete tasks quicker and easier than ever before.

    As a bureau or business owner, completing your employees or client's payroll can be a tedious and tiresome undertaking. By automating certain tasks, you can save you and your business time which will in turn save you money or allow you to increase profits. BrightPay is a payroll software that automates payroll processing. BrightPay’s intuitive design and user-friendly interface makes it easy to use for even the non tech savvy among us. The software is constantly performing tasks in the background, which help streamline your payroll processing, including:
    • Automatically calculating and displaying PAYE, National Insurance contributions, Student Loan deductions and other applicable addition and deduction amounts as you type.
    • Client documents and folders are automatically exported into an organised folder structure for each client.
    • Full Payment Submissions are automatically created as you process the payroll.
    These are just three examples of the many actions that take place automatically within BrightPay which make payroll processing a breeze.

    Integration with other software

    APIs (Application Programming Interface) facilitate communication between two or more software applications. Example of APIs in everyday life would be when you use PayPal to pay for something within an e-commerce platform or when sites like Booking.com collect hotel accommodation availability from providers. As you can tell from these two examples, APIs can make certain processes, quicker, more convenient and straightforward for the user.

    BrightPay has used API integration in the following ways to automate payroll processing:

    • Integration with HMRC
    BrightPay is a fully HMRC recognised payroll software and uses an API to communicate RTI (Real Time Information) submissions with HMRC to report payroll information and work out how much needs to be paid to HMRC. BrightPay’s payroll software also includes a full Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) module at no extra cost. Through the CIS module you can verify subcontractors with HMRC and submit the monthly return (CIS300) to HMRC.

    • Accounting Software API Integration
    BrightPay includes direct API integration with a number of accounting packages including Sage One, QuickBooks Online, Xero, FreeAgent, Kashflow, Twinfield and AccountsIQ. Your payroll journal can be sent directly from BrightPay to your accounting software. This integration cuts down on errors which may happen when you manually upload your journal file into the accounting software.

    • Pension API Integration
    BrightPay has direct integration with four pension providers: NEST, The People’s Pension, Smart Pension and Aviva. BrightPay’s integration with these pension providers allows users to submit employee payroll and contributions data by simply clicking on the API link each pay date, eliminating the need to manually export data and upload the file into the pension scheme portal.

    • BrightPay Connect API Integration
    BrightPay Connect is a cloud add-on that works alongside BrightPay Payroll. BrightPay Connect automatically backs up your payroll information, meaning you never have to worry about losing payroll data or having to manually back up your payroll information again.

    As a bureau, through your dashboard, you can communicate with your clients to get their payroll entered and approved, ready for completing the payroll run. Any new information added by the client (once it’s been reviewed by you) will automatically flow down to your BrightPay Payroll software. This automation cuts down on errors that are more likely to happen when payroll details are entered manually.

    BrightPay Connect also allows employees to request annual leave through the BrightPay Connect mobile app. Once the employer has approved the leave request, the leave will then be automatically added to the employee calendar and synchronised with the payroll software.

    Batch Payroll Processing

    Batch operations is another way BrightPay uses automation to make payroll processing quicker and easier. This feature is specifically designed for bureaus who process payroll for a number of clients. The Batch Operation tab on the BrightPay dashboard enables users to process or perform a task on multiple employers with just one click. Tasks that can be completed in batches are:
    • Finalising a pay period
    • Sending outstanding RTI and CIS submissions
    • Checking for coding notices
    Pension Auto Enrolment
    Employers with at least one employee must carry out a number of mandatory duties to ensure they fully comply with automatic enrolment. With BrightPay, on-screen alerts will notify the user of auto enrolment duties that need to be performed. BrightPay will automatically assess and continue to monitor an employee's eligibility. BrightPay automatically prepares enrolment letters for employees who have been enrolled as well as letters for non-eligible jobholders, entitled workers and postponed employees, informing them of their rights and explaining how auto enrolment applies to them.

    Every three years employers must put certain members of staff back into an auto enrolment pension scheme. When re-enrolment is due, BrightPay will automatically assess your employees for you and will determine which employees qualify for re-enrolment. Non-compliance with auto enrolment can result in fines for employers, so BrightPay’s alerts and automatic assessments can save a lot of headaches down the line.

    Automation can help reduce operating costs

    Using BrightPay payroll software helps reduce operating costs by eliminating errors, reducing the time it takes to perform repetitive tasks and may even reduce the number of employees you need to process payroll. BrightPay have identified the delays and inefficiencies people face when processing payroll and designed a system which can streamline your payroll process and improve your business.

    Book a demo today to discover more ways that BrightPay can help you to save time, improve efficiency and increase profits.

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