Shalz Feb 22, 2018
BYOD is technically a win-win strategy for both parties involved – the company saves on the total cost of ownership (TCO) while the employees have the convenience and comfort of working on their own devices. But the biggest issue with BYOD strategy is the threat of crucial data leak. Without any security measures to track and monitor critical data exchanged on employee’s personal devices, the risk of data leakage gets multiplied.

To deal with this problem, enterprises use EMM solutions that help to secure employee devices used for business use. SureMDM by 42Gears uses containerization technique to create a work profile directly on an employee device that can be monitored and tracked by the IT admin using the MDM console. The work container ensures that no business data or information can be shared or copied to the personal profile. SureMDM even allows easy sync with any native email client like Gmail.

And importantly, SureMDM also ensures that admin are not able to access any personal information stored on the employee’s device, keeping their private data private!

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