• How to Choose the Right Tools for Your Online Business Feb 20, 2020
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    Your goals to attract customers, profits and promotions for your online business can leave you juggling so many hats you lose focus. Let the right tools for your online business automate sales and marketing so you can keep customers, clients and service your top priorities. These tools should be safe, current and personalized to your businesses' brand.

    Optimizing Your Cashless Payment Options

    Your online business requires tools to guarantee every customer or client will be able to pay quickly and easily.

    Apps and devices give businesses the advantage to accept more payment options than ever because consumers want instant, paperless purchases. In fact, cashless and mobile payments totaled over $80 billion in customer transactions as late as 2018. If you work with a single seller or platform, expand to your own business-enabled website and add as many merchandising apps as you can.

    Diversify Marketing To Listen As Well as Speak

    Online entrepreneurs need tools to provide personal engagement with customers and clients.

    A profitable online business may earn more via the internet than physical offices and stores but still lose a central asset: Direct access to and engagement with customers. Do not alienate your business's loyalists so they succumb to the competition. Employ superior influencer marketing tools to add the personal touch to your customer experiences as well as attract priceless promotions.
    • Automated and Scheduled Posting. Social media management tools are affordable ways to keep your online business in the public eye. These platforms amplify your message across all major social media platforms and recognize your base's peak engagement hours you should post during.

    • Social Listening. Certainly keep content creation and posting actively to speak to your audience. However, also include social listening tools for valuable insight into the customers, potential customers and influencers who are talking about your business most.

    • Social Metrics. Fancy visuals and videos are a waste when your customers react best to direct messages and email newsletters. Use a social metric app or company to measure behavior within your audience. This helps you determine the content, messaging and formats that produce more engagements and conversions.

    Securing Your Websites and Payment Platforms

    One vicious hack can destroy your business's websites, steal customer contact info and pirate their payment data. By the time you're alerted to a problem, customers may be changing their emails to escape spam or battling suspicious charges. Protect your business, and customers, with secure web hosting and these security tools.
    • Anti-virus and anti-malware products. Keep these products up to date so your platforms, documents and emails do not pick up or spread viruses.

    • Wi-Fi networks. Ensure all Wi-Fi networks for your business and staff are encrypted. Change passwords frequently.

    • General software. Always run updates to locks cybercriminals out of the openings they can find in outdated applications.

    • Firewall. Add a firewall to all business computers and servers to monitor traffic to business sites plus intercept risks.
    Online businesses give entrepreneurial spirits freedom to bring their passions and talents to the public, but great entrepreneurs make it a team effort. Consider the right tools your investment in silent partners to perform like employees who boost profits, credibility and visibility.
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