• How SaaS Can Help Increase Customer Engagement Mar 30, 2021
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    SaaS means Software as a Service, which is a cloud-based service. This service allows you to access an application via an internet browser rather than downloading the application. The advantages of SaaS are accessibility, compatibility, and low upfront costs. As an e-commerce business-boosting of sales is just as important as customer engagement. Communicating with customers is important to keep them returning.

    SaaS also calculates the carbon footprint of your business. SaaS helps businesses understand the cause of emissions and calculates how to reduce emissions by moving applications to the cloud. Although a large organisation might prefer to have its own set up for cloud management services, small businesses would benefit from what SaaS offers in relation to development and providing value to consumers.

    Tips To Grow Your Engage customers through the in-app chat
    As consumers, we can relate to the frustration when we start using an app, and it does not work properly. As a company using SaaS, there will be an element of frustration in the beginning but once you get the hang of it, the live chat will be a great way to engage with your customers and resolve any customer issues immediately.

    Using live chats is a powerful way to reach your target audience. Many consumers feel more inclined to purchase from a company that has the live chat feature. It is an easy a quick way for your consumers to ask questions which they might have about your service or product. Communicating immediately with your consumers through live chat increases customer engagement.

    The Offer of Free Training That Wins Customers
    Nowadays creating video content is one of the latest digital marketing trends. It is highly effective for SaaS companies, especially when it comes to tutorial videos. It is one of the best ways to offer free training to your prospective customers and educating them about your service. These training sessions will make your users understand the product features and increase value.

    Creating a number of free online training videos and webinars would increase customer engagement and stand out. Your business can create tutorial videos, as to how to use your service or products. It can answer questions about your potential customer's problems and concerns. Update your customers with any training updates for new features and updates. Training provides a strong relationship with customers.

    Developing educational tutorial videos to win customers
    SaaS businesses can create engaging and enticing promotional videos. It is a good way to connect and engage with your target audience. As a small business owner, you need to stand out, create brand awareness and create leads. Using promotional videos will definitely make you stand out from other businesses. Nowadays consumers tend to be more visual rather than reading posts.

    Creating a promotional video allows you to tell a story in a creative way. It is easier to show prospective customers, that they need your service or product. SaaS videos that make an impact are those that have a pain point and that touches the audience's emotions. Prospective customers are more likely to take action after watching a SaaS promotional video.

    Encourage users to take goal-focused actions to gain customer engagement
    As a business that wants to be sustainable and environmentally friendly transitioning to SaaS is the way forward. SaaS helps users understand how much carbon footprint is generated and gives an insight into how to improve and reduce emissions using cloud-based applications. Cloud-based is the way forward and can still offer benefits as one's own setup, yet offers value to customers.

    Provide user incentive to increase customer engagement
    If you just started and have low engagement rates, start off with smart gamification. It helps create interest in your service. Smart gamification can take the form of quizzes or goal program that the users can work towards. It has to be fun for the users. One can create forms of incentives, once a goal is reached, and it makes it interactive.

    Why Get feedback to help make improvements that succeed
    Prior to releasing a new product you may want your target audience and customers to be notified and get their feedback. Understanding what your target audience is looking for, helps develop a product that caters to their needs. As a business, you can create a poll and depend on the feedback received you can introduce your services and solutions to your audience.

    Reach out for feedback from your users at every opportunity. Listening to what they have to say, understanding their needs helps to improve your service and product. Your customers will appreciate your concern about their issues. Such practices will put you at the forefront of customer care, but also as a business that listens to customer needs. It helps with customer engagement.

    Conclusion - SaaS helps with customer engagement
    As a SaaS business, you definitely understand the need and importance of customer engagement. Implementing the above techniques will improve not your interaction with your current customers but also prospective customers. Provide free training, engage in live chats, develop educational tutorial videos, and ask for feedback. Experiment with new techniques and take note of what works and what does not work.
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