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    It’s widely accepted that the first human resources department was established as early as 1901 in the The National Cash Register Company. Since that time, the field of HR has come on leaps and bounds and become the beating heart of any thriving organisation. Today, almost half a million people are employed in HR throughout the UK, according to the CIPD, and the number is growing rapidly.

    As companies grow faster and hire larger numbers of people than ever before, HR managers are needed to oversee everything from ensuring that company policies are in line with the latest employment law to carefully cultivating a company culture that facilitates growth and development. This is a broad field encompassing many different things, and as such, one that benefits significantly from innovations in cloud technology.

    Cloud computing describes anything that can be done via the internet, with a particular emphasis on business. In recent years, much of what used to be carried out manually has been moved to the cloud thanks to exciting innovations. One example of this that everyone can relate to is internet banking, which has made all of our lives easier. When it comes to HR, new cloud HR software innovations have been just as revolutionary, especially for forward-thinking businesses keen to maximise efficiency and productivity.

    How Cloud Innovations Streamline Human Resources

    In the case of HR, cloud innovations take many forms. Here are some examples of the most common ways that such innovations impact on HR and how BrightPay Connect uses them to help you streamline your HR department.

    1. Cloud-Based Storage
    HR managers have a lot of files to store, and whereas these files were traditionally stored in filing cabinets in the HR managers office, cloud innovations have allowed them to be moved into the cloud. Moving files into the cloud with BrightPay Connect, for example, means that instead of taking up physical space in an office, they occupy virtual space and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

    2. Online Document Sharing

    Sharing important documentation with employees, teams and individuals is a vital part of the HR managers role. Thanks to cloud innovations, this can now be done online too with innovative HR software. With BrightPay Connect HR professionals can upload documents to the HR payroll software and make them accessible to individuals, groups or entire organisations. The documents are safe and secure in the cloud and employees can access them from their desktops or from the Connect employee self-service smartphone and tablet app.

    3. Leave Management

    Another key task for the HR manager is to manage all employee leave. In the case of large companies with significant numbers of employees, this can almost be a full time job in itself. Thankfully, cloud innovations have made this easier too.​

    BrightPay Connect is a perfect example of these innovations in action. From their employee self-service app or employee portal, employees can request leave directly from their smartphone or tablet. The request instantly appears in the Connect dashboard of their line manager or HR manager, who can then check the employee calendar to see who else is on leave for those specific dates. At this point, they can approve or deny the request which will instantly update in the employee’s app. A record of all requests, approvals and denials is kept in Connect, making it even easier to use when line managers and HR professionals are both involved in this process.

    Book Your BrightPay Connect Today

    The above are just some of the ways that cloud innovations can transform how you manage human resources for your business. To find out more about this evolution in HR, book your free BrightPay Connect demo today. Our Connect experts will be able to show you exactly how this cloud portal add-on can transform your business and benefit you and your employees.


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