• How cloud innovation tames the annual leave beast May 8, 2020
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    Managing employee annual leave can be quite a challenge for any business. The volume and variety of leave requests and the need to ensure staffing levels are maintained can quickly make it an uncontrollable beast. But, with the right software and cloud platform, it’s now a beast that can be tamed.

    Even the best manual payroll system can buckle under the pressure of a surge in annual leave requests, particularly in traditionally busy periods of the year such as Christmas or summer holiday periods. As the younger demographic increases in the workforce, there are also more impromptu holiday requests being taken than in the more predictable patterns of the past.

    Annual leave admin gobbles up time better spent on growth tasks

    With more frequent bursts of annual leave requested last-minute than was typically the norm, HR teams often spend more time and resources on this routine task than they would prefer, leaving other areas of responsibility on the long finger.

    Before the advent of cloud technology, there was a distinct pattern to employee leave communications. It amounted to two questions in the main:
    • How much leave do I have left to take?
    • Can I request leave for the following dates?
    Very simple on paper, yet requiring time and resource before replying. Email and phone requests from employees regarding their leave balance remaining and cross-referencing leave requests with company calendars before granting the leave burn up valuable staff time. The to and fro involved in manually recording leave on various systems and paper request trails demonstrate a painstakingly slow annual leave management process when compared to the alternative.

    That alternative: A secure cloud platform that is linked to payroll software simplifies annual leave management processes by automating time-consuming payroll and HR tasks. The cloud enables the use of online annual leave tools that automate routine, repetitive tasks, while you get on with completing other bigger-picture tasks.

    BrightPay Connect is an HR and payroll solution that makes managing employees leave much more feasible. Employees have access to their own self-service app, through which they can view their annual leave entitlement and submit annual leave requests. Here are three ways BrightPay Connect can improve annual leave processes:

    1) Employee smartphone app or self-service portal enabling leave requests

    Employees are now able to request annual leave from their self-service app anytime, anywhere. When leave is requested by an employee, the employer receives an instant notification allowing them to either approve or reject the leave request. If approved, the leave is automatically added to the company-wide leave calendar and the employee’s leave balance is updated on the employee’s own portal. The leave is also automatically and securely synchronised to BrightPay payroll software on your PC. Compared to the previously lengthy process, this is an altogether more-efficient affair.

    2) Reducing the admin workload through the use of employee smartphone app

    Instead of wading through waves of paper or email annual leave requests, cloud platforms have made it possible for the employee to be more autonomous in managing their own annual leave, removing a significant burden from the HR workload. Employees are better informed about their leave status 24/7 because of their employee smartphone app.

    Employees have full visibility of their annual leave entitlement for the year and their leave balance remaining. They have their own employee calendar to view their leave activity and the transparency provided by the app means they can be fully informed 24/7 before making any decisions on holiday arrangements. These are all actions that potentially clog up HR’s workflows.

    3) Better staff planning through employer company-wide leave calendar

    As well as the easier flow of information, without the need for email, paper or call traffic, the other upshot is the instant update made to the company-wide calendar, where leave is displayed clearly and colour-coded depending on the type of leave. This immediate visibility of real-time information makes it far easier to plan staffing levels and ensure consistent business cover.

    Managing annual leave doesn’t have to be an all-consuming matter where time and resources are eaten up trying to wrestle with an ever-increasing workload. BrightPay Connect allows for a more streamlined annual leave management process and mutual appreciation from HR staff and employees alike.

    Download our free guide today to discover more ways that BrightPay Connect can help you streamline your payroll processes.
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