• How can you better support your payroll processor? Sep 28, 2021
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    Payroll tends to be one of the more complex administrative and time-consuming tasks for a business. The work is essential, can be tricky, and can have serious repercussions if done incorrectly. Your business’ payroll processor makes the difference between a difficult payroll run and one you don’t even have to think about.

    Your payroll processor needs to manage many different challenges, have great attention to detail, along with having exceptional interpersonal skills. Any employer who has hired one knows that having an excellent payroll processor can be a huge benefit to your business. What can you do to attract and develop such employees?

    How can you support your payroll processor so they can achieve not only a zero-error run rate on their payroll submissions, but can also play a part in seeking opportunities to make improvements across the payroll structure and to the business as a whole?

    How can you set payroll professionals up for success?

    1. Initial training:

    Your new employee may have experience on a number of payroll and accounting systems, but you should take the time as part of their basic onboarding experience to train them up on the software you use and the systems and workflows you have in place. Yourpayroll software, such as BrightPay Payroll, will likely offer various supports to help train up your employees on the software. Although this training may seem like an obvious thing to do, it can make the difference between a processor using only half the software’s functionality and one who can leverage the more advanced features of the system to improve overall workflows. Product demos, video tutorials and online webinars are all freely available to BrightPay customers.

    2. Connecting and team building:

    The earlier you start supporting your employees, the better. With the right support, they can begin to contribute to the business and achieve the desired goals. Although it is important that you support your employee to develop the technical know-how, it is also necessary to help the employee understand the company’s culture, the structure of the company, and who the key decision-makers are. Once they start building relationships with their colleagues, they’ll begin to work more effectively. It’s therefore important you take the time to connect them with their colleagues and to provide them with the best information and support available.

    3. Training and development:

    Ongoing training can help improve and gain new skills which has been shown to increase workplace engagement and employee retention. It’s also particularly relevant to payroll processors who must stay up to date in a continuously changing sector. They are ultimately responsible for making sure the business remains compliant with legislative changes to taxes, pensions, and other payroll duties. Ensure you give your payroll processor time to attend webinars and courses to stay current on the latest payroll best practices, technology and compliance requirements.

    4. Soft skills:

    Employees looking to develop their career will be interested in opportunities to improve their management and leadership skills. One way to support this is to provide the chance for the employee to propose new ideas, lead on projects and pursue a topic they are particularly interested in.

    5. Technology solutions

    While your payroll processor works under pressure to tight deadlines, they can also be supported by the payroll technology solutions they use. With BrightPay payroll software, they can avoid much of the manual entry traditionally associated with payroll and reduce mistakes made due to human error. The software automates tasks such as sendingpayroll journals to your accounting software, sending submissions to HMRC, sending outstanding enrolment and contributions submissions to their pension providerand more. This can significantly help your employee to complete their duties, save them time, and allow them to focus on higher-level accounting functions for the business.

    Book a demo today to discover more ways that BrightPay can help your payroll processor save time, improve efficiency and increase profits.


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