• How can BrightPay Connect Benefit your Employees? Feb 2, 2021
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    Hiring top talent, retaining it, and boosting employee productivity are consistently a priority for businesses, whether it’s pre- or post-pandemic times. This means that employee engagement is no longer the sole focus of the HR team, but is a central part of business strategy. Employers are having to examine ways to increase productivity while also keeping employees satisfied.

    Similar to how most problems are solved these days, companies are looking to technology for a solution. And it’s no surprise why. Businesses are now managing a workforce that is increasingly made up of millennials and employees who are tech-savvy and who expect digital services both in and outside of work. This can represent a great opportunity for HR. By creating engaging digital employee experiences, companies can remain connected with employees, reinforce company values, and provide essential support.

    So how does BrightPay Connect fit in with all this? While Connect is an add-on to the payroll software created to support your payroll requirements, there are a whole lot of added benefits it can bring to your HR team and to your employees. Let’s take a look.

    Making Payroll Smart

    Technology is changing how companies engage with their employees and central to this are mobile phones. 84% of UK adults own a smartphone and they typically spend 2.5 hours on their phone every day. Users have millions of apps at their fingertips for every want and need, and their popularity can be attributed to their usefulness and to their technical advantages. Apps are typically faster than a mobile website, have better functionality than them, and have the ability to access built-in phone features.

    Employees are increasingly using their phones to organise their work schedule, communicate with their colleagues, sign contracts, and to work on and share documents. Providing digital tools is something employers need to consider for keeping their current employees engaged and for attracting prospective talent.

    With BrightPay Connect, employees have a digital solution to their payroll and HR needs. The employee app is easy to access, is user-friendly, and can be downloaded to any iOS or Android device. Employees can access current and past payslips anytime and anywhere. With the recent rise of remote, in-office and hybrid employees, this feature is now essential.

    Support your Employees

    Today’s workforce is working remotely, often geographically distributed over large areas, and are adopting flexible work options. For employers, this means that they need to look for ways to ensure their employees feel supported and remain connected.

    With BrightPay Connect, businesses can upload and share documents with their employees. The app can act as an essential source for important HR updates. Company policies, notices and other work-related information can be added to the platform. Employees can be sent health and safety updates, and other urgent messages using alerts and push notifications. This is a great way for employees to remain connected and up-to-date with company news.

    Employee Empowerment

    Employee wellness, both physical and mental, has been a topic of growing importance in recent years. Developing from this is financial wellness. Although this may sound like just another buzzword, finance can be a major stress factor that can impact employee’s health and impede their job performance. Critically, to plan ahead, set goals, and budget, employees need a comprehensive view of their financial situation and need to be made aware of what benefits are available to them.

    A recent study found 42% of employees felt inadequately informed about benefit programs available to them. With direct access to BrightPay Connect, employees no longer have to request and wait for their payslip information. They have immediate information about their take-home pay, pension contributions, and any other deductions and additions. Access to their historical payslips also make managing their personal banking easier. With BrightPay Connect you have an additional financial tool to empower your employees.

    Planning a Holiday

    Providing a useful tool to help employees manage their busy lives is always appreciated. Using BrightPay Connect, employees can easily manage their own annual leave. In the app’sself-service portal they can view the leave they have taken, how much is left, and using the calendar they can make immediate requests to their manager for approval. Approved leave is automatically added to the payroll software. BrightPay Connect cuts out the traditional and bothersome written requests, emails and phone calls associated with annual leave. It streamlines the process of managing leave requests so it takes a fraction of the usual time. A win for both the employer and the employee.

    In control of their personal data

    Employees, similar to consumers, are more aware of the value of their personal data and are more interested in taking control of it. With BrightPay Connect, how employee data is collected and stored is transparent, upholds the employee’s GDPR rights and allows employees to keep their information up-to-date. Not only are employees in control of their own data, but it eliminates company time spent on paper submissions and other administrative tasks.

    Creating a work culture where employees feel engaged and supported is a priority and a challenge for any employer. As a cloud add-on, BrightPay Connect is primarily concerned with making administrative payroll tasks easy, reducing the amount of time you spend on payroll, and ensuring you get it right (the first time). As we’ve seen above, it is also useful as an effective employee management tool, and is one that requires no additional costs for HR!

    We’ve taken a look at how BrightPay Connect makes employee’s lives easier. Now what about the payroll processor? Book a demo today to discover the various ways BrightPay Connect makes payroll processing quick and easy.

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