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    Remote working is becoming more popular by the day, with companies seeing the value in allowing their employees to work from home. This has come with a vast range of benefits for both the employee and the employer.

    Employees don’t have to face grueling and expensive daily commutes, they can be more flexible when it comes to family life, their working days are shorter and they can work at home away from the distractions of busy office life. Employers, on the other hand, can enjoy the lower costs of having to house large numbers of staff, their employees are happier and more productive, and it enables the business to become an infinitely more attractive option to potential employees who seek flexibility. This isn’t to say that remote working doesn't come with its fair share of challenges too, though.

    For many businesses, the transition from having all staff in the office to allowing some or all to work remotely can be characterized by a number of growing pains. For one thing, internal communication is more difficult when your staff are working from home. Because people don’t have physical access to each other, email inboxes often get clogged up quickly and it can be hard to keep up with all of the requests, reminders, questions and discussions. Important documents that are sent out can easily slip through the cracks and many employers are frustrated by this.

    Luckily, BrightPay Connect addresses these growing pains and provides a solution that not only allows employees to work effectively while enjoying the flexibility of remote working, but it also saves employers endless time and frustration when it comes to internal communications.

    Remote Working With BrightPay Connect

    No matter what industry your business is in, there are some things that are consistent in remote working environments. At BrightPay, we’ve been listening to our customers and identifying the most common challenges facing employers and employees working from home. The following features of BrightPay Connect deliver simple but effective solutions to these challenges in a way that makes sense.

    1. No More Paper Payslips

    In 2020 paper payslips should be a thing of the past, but many companies are still distributing their employee payslips in this way. This is problematic for two reasons:
    • In a time when data protection has never been more important, printing paper payslips is not a secure way to share sensitive employee data.

    • Paper payslips are easily lost or damaged. This becomes a problem when employees are applying for bank loans and need copies of their recent payslips and are requesting that they’re reprinted and resent.
    BrightPay Connect solves these problems by allowing the payroll administrator to distribute the payslips through the employee dashboards. Employees receive a notification letting them know that their payslip has arrived, and it is automatically stored for them in the cloud. From here, they can download and print their payslips anytime they like as the handy historical payslip archive contains all of their payslips in one place.

    2. Leave Requests Made Simple

    When employees are working remotely, requesting leave can be a complicated process. Depending on the business, they may have to travel into the office to fill out a paper request form, or they may have access to a digital copy which they must download, print, fill out and then upload again to send it to their human resources manager. All of this is unnecessary and over-complicates something which should be simple.

    With BrightPay Connect, employees can request leave straight from their smartphone or tablet. The request instantly lands in the HR or line manager’s Connect dashboard, where they can approve or reject it. If approved, the leave will automatically appear in the company calendar on both the employee and employer online dashboards and on the employee smartphone app.

    3. Document Sharing With Push Notifications

    Last, but certainly not least, BrightPay Connect can transform your internal communications with remote working staff through it’s sophisticated document sharing facility. On Connect, employers or managers can upload documents, and employees will receive a notification on their employee app letting them know there’s a document that they need to read. Say goodbye to endless emails and hello to quick and easy communications.

    These documents can include anything from an updated shift roster to company announcements to company policies and handbooks. The user who uploads the document can choose which employees have access to the document, so specific individuals or departments can receive documents that aren’t accessible to others. And, employers can track if an employee actually opened and read the document sent to them through a time-stamped log.

    Book A Free BrightPay Connect Demo

    For employers who are keen to learn more about how BrightPay Connect can streamline their business, our team of Connect experts are on hand to host free demos. During your demo, we’ll go through the software with you and explain its many features, from automatic cloud backup to the clever employee app. We’ll also talk you through our competitive pricing and answer any questions you may have.

    So, if you have remote working employees and want to find new ways to improve your internal communication, book your free BrightPay Connect demo today.


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