• How BrightPay Connect can help with GDPR Mar 21, 2018
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    Under the GDPR legislation, where possible the controller should be able to provide self-service remote access to a secure system which would allow the data subject with direct access to his or her personal data. BrightPay Connect is a self-service option which will give you and your employees online remote access to view and manage your payroll data 24/7.

    BrightPay Connect is tailored to help you overcome the challenge that GDPR presents. Furthermore, the cloud functionality will improve your payroll processing with simple email distribution, safe document upload, easy leave management and improved communication with your employees.

    Online synchronisation and automated backup of payroll data will maintain accuracy and improve efficiency of your data. By introducing a self service option, you will begin a new way of remotely accessing information and you will be taking steps to be GDPR ready benefiting from enhanced efficiencies through an integrated payroll system. Additionally a self-service facility will automate payslip distribution, simplify and integrate leave requests and keep a secure backup of your payroll records.

    Simplify your GDPR compliance with BrightPay Connect

    The option of BrightPay Connect will keep your employee payroll data secure and offers your employees the added reassurance that you are taking action to become GDPR ready.

    The advantages of a cloud backup and self-service software are numerous, but mainly it significantly increases the efficiency and effectiveness of payroll work. Workflow is increased since employers are no longer wasting time on manual data processing and therefore are working quicker and more efficiently within the remit of the GDPR guidelines.

    BrightPay Connect is an online payroll and HR software solution that has been developed to help our customers become GDPR ready. It removes the manual data entry requirement for annual leave management, updating employees details, re-sending payslips, backing up your data and HR processing .

    Here are the biggest GDPR advantages of BrightPay Connect:

    Accountant / Employer Dashboard:
    Provide your accountant online self-service instant access to your payroll information. Your accountant can have remote and secure access to employee payslips, payroll reports, amounts due to HMRC, annual leave requests and employee contact details.

    Employee Self Service Portal:
    Invite employees to their own self-service online portal. This secure system would provide employees with direct access to his or her personal data. Employees can securely view and download payslips, P60s and P45s and easily submit holiday requests, view leave taken and leave remaining.

    Integration with payroll:
    BrightPay Connect is fully integrated with BrightPay’s payroll software ensuring the payroll data is correct at all time. Any annual leave or other leave, changes to employee contact details and payroll reports are automatically updated and synchronised with the payroll software and BrightPay Connect.

    Cloud Backup:
    Under GDPR, it is important to keep a copy of payroll files safe in case of fire, theft, damaged computers or cyber attacks. BrightPay Connect is powered using the latest web technologies and hosted on Microsoft Azure for ultimate performance, reliability and scalability. BrightPay Connect maintains a chronological history of your backups which you can restore or download any time keeping your records protected.

    24/7 Online Access:
    BrightPay Connect allows password protected mobile and online access to your payroll data anytime and anywhere. This fulfils the recommendation to provide remote access to a secure system where your employees would have direct access to their personal data.

    HR & Annual Leave Management:
    Employers can view all upcoming leave in the BrightPay Connect company wide calendar where they can easily authorise leave requests with changes automatically flowing back to the payroll. You can upload sensitive HR documents such as employee contracts keeping confidential information restricted to each individual employee.

    Reduce HR Queries:
    BrightPay Connect makes it possible to drastically reduce the number of HR queries you deal with such as access to view personal data, payslip requests, annual leave requests, managing employee contact information and employee payroll records.

    TimeSheet Upload (Coming Soon):
    You will soon be able to upload employees’ hours and timesheets directly through the BrightPay Connect portal. The upload facility offers an additional layer of protection for your payroll information. From there, you can process the payroll from the timesheet upload. This automated process will offer a more secure and accurate recording of the timesheets and hours.

    Book a BrightPay Demo:
    Cloud advancements enables an interactive collaborative experience for your accountants, employers and employees. BrightPay Connect speeds up and transforms the accountant / employer relationship from a document exchange or transactional relationship to an instant access one. Book a demo today to see just how BrightPay Connect can help towards GDPR compliance.

    Written by Karen Bennett | BrightPay Payroll Software

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