• Hiring Advertising Trailers Apr 13, 2014
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    A few months back i took note of a thread started on this forum by someone suggesting that they are getting far too many enquiries from people looking to hire trailers for marketing campaigns.

    The op suggested that they were being literally inundated with requests for advertising trailer hire quotes.

    As a shrewd self employed person i am always looking out for ways to increase my income. I will literally get involved in anything if it is likely to spin a profit. I took to the 123-reg search bar and typed in 'Advertising Trailer Hire' and found that the domain for that term was actually available, so i registered it.

    I think i pointed the advertising trailer hire url to hosting i had for another domain name, i set up another database and uploaded the wordpress content management system. After that i uploaded a boring theme and wrote a bit of content about billboard advertising and then literally forgot about it.

    The site doesn't appear to have been indexed by Goog even after all these months. I think at the time i thought i would wait and see if SE's were good enough to sniff it out on their own and display it in the results, which clearly they aren't.
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