• Here it is...our new Mobile Phone Site for selling shoes! Jan 13, 2010
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    well we said `just a few days` in early November and here we are in mid jan and now we have the first version all ready and shiny.

    ok so here is the basic site

    you can type this url into your mobile phone browser and get to it that way

    it is a mobile companion site for our main one at www.pretty-small-shoes.com

    you can see it on a normal pc
    and on a mobile and it is configured to work on any mobile phone type

    (on a pc it will look a little spare and over simple obviously)

    the mobile site has some special gizmos working in the background that mean it can detect what kind of phone you have and render the site and photo images in a form optimised for that particular phone

    (on i-phones that function is slightly tempremental at the moment)

    as i mentioned before we will use it to highlite new styles (and offers) as they go live and promote it via text message broadcasts from our own database and via twitter too.

    each shoe featured has a link below it that invites the user to `click to call` so they can go right from looking at shoes on thier mobile to calling us to chat about them and then hopefully order them on the phone

    we''ll be testing this in the proverbial `next few days`

    meantime if anyone has any thoughts or comments or advice or feeback of any kind we'd love to hear it


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