• Gps tracking will add more clarity to vehicle history Jun 21, 2018
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    Soon it will be possible to track a vehicle history in real time. Blockchain based startup carVeritical announced partnership deal with GPSWOX. It is a unique approach to the car history reporting, that will allow user from all around the world to better know previous vehicle history. holidays-1283014_1280.jpg

    Having the client’s privacy protection, the data are at this moment collected with the deepest of concern to avoid any misleading information. No violation of personal information by GPS coordinates streaming to any services. Installation of OBD trackers on different vehicles will see the owners benefiting a lot from the exercise.

    Lack of correct and up to date information is the main reasons for higher vehicle insurance prices. Frequently, insurers simplify information and base it on your gender, location, driving experience, age, etc. It means they allege you as if you were a standard driver, even though you are not statistics. You can be the safest driver in the globe, but you’ll still have to overpay because some others are wild.

    With carVertical, linked automobiles resolve this crisis by becoming “clear”, they do this by giving out the information of hastening, braking, preservation and alike. The appraisal of each indemnity case becomes an entity and, often, less costly.

    When you mount carVertical’s OBD mechanism, it trails your olden driving times and can split it with the insurer. Having this data, indemnity business can guess danger more precisely and offer a quality shaped unusually for you, not based on universal arithmetical averages.

    CarVertical is all about devolution and giving authority to clients. You’re the one who must help the most from our services. Therefore, when you produce and split date with carVertical OBD chaser, you must earn not only admiration from us.

    By claiming a vehicle at carVertical, you will record it as your assets. This will make you the proprietor of any data connected to that automobile. You will obtain CV tokens when this data is used.

    CarVertical OBD chaser will also work as a carVertical token miner. Installed in your car, OBD mechanism will produce and send real-time information to our data farm for dispensation. In exchange, you will be given CV tokens as a prize.

    With carVertical OBD tracker installed, your car will always be associated with carVertical’s system. Therefore, you’ll forever have most precise information about your automobile, including real-time GPS data. This will let you be acquainted with if it’s still where you left it or find it in the first parking lot around the globe.
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