• Forgetting To Pay Hosting Bills Jul 4, 2013
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    Isn't it annoying when you realise that you have not paid your hosting bill? For various reasons it is easy to overlook payments for things such as hosting, especially when you have many websites and are utilising many different hosting companies.

    I guess my main problem is i have got into a bit of a muddle, some of my hosting is on pay monthly, others pay annually, others pay quarterly. I also have many, many different email addresses and often only log into a select few frequently meaning i don't get to read the countless payment reminders.

    I keep ontop of my main websites generally, they seldom go offline, but smaller projects that i start and don't feel like finishing or postpone until a later date get suspended frequently.

    Luckily, the hosts i use don't delete your account within a short space of time after non payment, i have only had that happen to me once. :mad:

    The worst thing is when your site (Small Payday Loan.co.uk) is offline for so long it gets de-indexed by SE's, but it is easily repairable.

    The site the De-index happened on appears to be penalised for some reason and was steadily losing its rankings prior to hosting suspension, so it's not like i have lost traffic / meaningful revenue. I have a task on my hands to project it back to the status it once held for many terms that are worth getting excited about. But then again i may just leave it be and hope the penalisation wears off leaving me more time to concentrate on a door step loans project that has more legs.

    Today i think i will get organised by printing off all of my hosting information and passwords, emails assigned to the different hosts, and record the passwords to the emails so i don't ever forget those either.

    I may even blow the dust off the laminating machine to protect the many pages i will be printing off and possibly put them in a folder so i don't lose them. I think it will save me alot of time in the longrun, however boring the process may be. And costly, Ink is more expensive than Champagne.
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