• Feeling Demotived? Can't keep focused each day? This might help... Mar 30, 2019
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    Do you ever find yourself demotivated during the working day?

    There is plenty of work to do, yet you just don't feel like doing it. You find yourself browsing the Internet, following up with friends on Facebook, replying to non-work related emails?

    We all have times when, despite knowing what we SHOULD be doing, we find ourselves wasting time doing non-productive things instead.

    Here's my solution, and perhaps it will help you:


    As it sounds, you try and get 100 points a day.

    So, go through all the things you would do in your working day and assign a point score to each. For example, spending 25% of the day on client work, or your own admin, gets 25 points, 50% of the day get 50 points, etc. Then there are things like promoting your business with social media, letters, phone calls, etc. Again these should be assigned a score.

    Now for the real biggie though: time-wasting. If you find yourself on social media, answering emails, - all of which have nothing to do with work (and are non emergency) - take 25 OFF your score for each incident.

    To give a better idea of what I'm talking about, here is my working day, broken-down with points assigned to the relevant areas:

    WORK (either client work or admin)
    25% of day = 25 points
    50% of day = 50 points
    75% of day = 75 points
    100% of day = 100 points

    Social media = 5 points
    Intro letter/email = 10 points
    Replies = 15 points
    Networking = 25 points
    Quotes = 50 points
    Sign up new client = 100 points


    (Anything done during office hours not related to work)
    -25 points per each incident

    So, using the above, my day might consist of 75% of client work (75 points), doing three work-related posts on social media (5 points each = 15), sending an introductory letter or email (10 points each = 10). So, 100 points in total.
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