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    In this PPC and Ads news roundup, we cover Google adding an anti-ad fraud protocol to Ad Manager and AdMob, a new tool in Google Ads to help you visualise and navigate multiple accounts easily and PromoteIQ becoming a division of Microsoft Advertising.

    “A good advertisement is one which sells the product without drawing attention to itself.” – David Ogilvy

    In this article, we’ll cover the following most recent PPC and Ads news:
    1. Google Ad Manager and AdMob add support for app-ads.txt
    2. A new account map visualisation tool in Google Ads
    3. Microsoft Advertising buys retail startup PromoteIQ
    Let’s dig in.

    Google Ad Manager and AdMob Now Support ads.txt
    Google Ad Manager and AdMob, Google’s mobile ad network, will support app-ads.txt – the anti-ad fraud protocol for app publishers.

    The company announced that from August 27, Ad Manager and AdMob will block ad serving of unauthorised in-app ad inventory in both platforms when publishers have app-ads.txt file implemented. The new interfaces will show errors and issues to address in publishers’ files.
    An extension of IAB Tech Lab’s ads.txt standard, app-ads.txt is designed to address the specific needs of apps distributed through mobile and connected TV app stores. Publishers publish the text file listing the open exchanges that are authorised to sell their inventory to the root directory of their website; and, link their app store listings to their website.

    Programmatic buyers can then inspect the files to ensure they’re buying from authorised sellers and not domains or apps set up to spoof publishers and steal their ad revenue.

    Why should you care? Google’s support for app-ads.txt from both the buy and sells sides will help propel the adoption of the standard by app publishers. Global ad tech provider Centro also announced its DSP (demand-side platform) Basis will only buy inventory from authorised sellers listed in app-ads.txt files. You can get further info here.

    Google Ads’ New Account Map
    If you are managing multiple accounts and sub-accounts in a single Google Ads manager account it’s important to stay organised. Therefore, we’d like to tell you that there’s a new tool to help you visualise and navigate those accounts.

    Rather than clicking through multiple pages and tables, the account map allows you to view your manager account and all sub-accounts all in one place. The new account map tool is located under Tools in the Google Ads interface.

    Why should you care? You can quickly understand how your account is structured and see performance metrics for each account, such as impressions, cost, clicks and conversions as well as owned and shared labels, conversion tracking parents, remarketing pools and external managers on the accounts. You can find information here.

    Microsoft Acquires E-commerce Advertising Vendor PromoteIQ
    Microsoft has acquired vendor marketing platform PromoteIQ. For those of you not familiar with PromoteIQ, it’s an automated product marketing platform that enables brand manufacturers to run sponsored ads on participating retailers’ e-commerce sites to generate visibility and revenue. The company offers analytics dashboards both retailers and advertisers can utilise to track campaign performance.

    Google also, once, experimented with running its product listing ads on retailer sites through a program called AdSense; but, it hasn’t really gone anywhere since its launch back in 2014.

    Why should you care? Microsoft is looking to pair its AI and machine learning technologies with PromoteIQ’s targeted ad placement capabilities and expects integrations to be completed later this year. Additionally, it can also help Microsoft Advertising (MA) address consistent calls from advertisers for more reach.

    PromoteIQ will keep its own branding and become a division within Microsoft Advertising. The company’s advertisers include Sony, P&G, Kraft and HP.

    Final Thoughts
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    This article was originally published on 19 August by EmailOut and can be found here.

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