• Email Industry News: The Most-Used Channel By B2B Brands & Spinach Sending Emails Feb 19, 2021
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    Social media? SEO? Email marketing? Which is the top source of leads and most-used marketing tool by B2B brands? Can spinach really send emails?

    “A bad email reputation is like a hangover: hard to get rid of and makes everything else hurt.” – Chris Marriott

    In this article, we’ll cover the following email industry news:
    1. Email Marketing: B2B brands’ most-used marketing tool
    2. Sending emails through spinach (the plant)
    Let’s dive in.

    The Email Channel: B2B’s Most Implemented Marketing Tactic

    Back in November 2020, research by the CMO Council established 91% of consumers rate emails as the top communication channel they simply can’t go without.

    Yet, it’s not only consumers who value email. According to the 2021 B2B Marketing Mix Report, email is also the most implemented and used marketing tactic by B2B brands as well as the top source of leads. Here is an overview of B2B brands’ most implemented marketing tactics
    • Email marketing – 84%
    • Social media & social media advertising – 75%
    • Blogging and content marketing – 69%
    • SEO – 60%
    • Tradeshows & events – 54%
    • SEM – 46%
    However, despite email being the most-used marketing tactics, B2B brands’ priorities differ when it comes to increasing their marketing spends. These are the top areas of marketing spend, according to the study –
    • Website development – 51%
    • Digital marketing – 44%
    • Content marketing – 33%
    • Branding – 27%
    • Social media – 33%
    • Marketing & Sales Collateral – 21%
    • Marketing Automation & CRM software – 21%
    • Advertising (e.g. Google) – 16%
    • Email marketing – 16%
    • Tradeshows & events – 11%
    Is it possible that B2B brands are not investing more in email marketing because they already have an email system that works in place? After all, the study shows that the top sources of sales and marketing leads are –
    • Referrals – 65%
    • Email marketing – 38%
    • SEO – 33%
    • Social media – 33%
    • Tradeshows & events – 30%
    • Inbound & Content marketing – 30%
    • SEM – 21%
    Furthermore, according to the report, the top 4 B2B objectives for 2021 are –

    1) increasing sales leads;
    2) converting leads to customers;
    3) increasing brand awareness; and
    4) producing thought leadership.

    To find out more marketing tactic stats, top areas of marketing spend and further details, download the report here.

    Emails Sent Through… Spinach

    This is not a fantasy science fiction movie title. Scientists at SMART (Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology) have managed to engineer spinach plants sending emails.

    Through nanotechnology, SMART’s engineers transformed spinach into sensors able to detect explosive materials and then wirelessly transmit this information back to them. Impossible? Crazy? Futuristic?

    How does it work? “When the spinach’s roots detect the presence of nitroaromatics (a compound found in explosives – i.e. landmines), carbon nanotubes within the spinach’s leaves emit a signal which is then read by an infrared camera sending an email alert to the engineers,” state one of the scientists.

    This visionary experiment – referred to as “plant nanobionics” – is a part of a much bigger research project involving the engineering of electronic components and systems into plants giving them new skills.

    As much as the experiment’s purpose was to detect explosives, imagine the endless possibilities such technology offers – for example, monitoring pollution and ecological changes. Moreover, imagine if the spinach emails went to SPAM when detecting a landmine, that would be a real blow .

    Final Thoughts

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