• DoorStep Lenders UK Jul 7, 2013
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    Having bowed out of payday loans due to the intensity of the competition (and the fact that a certain search giant now picks and chooses who it deems reasonable to position highly) i have turned my attention to the many other forms of bad credit loans that are available for people with poor credit history, such as credit cards for bad credit status, Home collected loans, payday, logbook, mortgages for adverse credit and even debt management. I still target certain terms for the payday loans and have it on my loans company website as it compliments the bad credit offering on the site but i now am putting my effort into door-step loans. I have been doing a bit of research and located some good domains again, doorsteplenders.co.uk being one of them (currently like most of my websites, undeveloped). I note that the oft have a site that is called 'lenders compared' with a door-step loan section listing home collection companies. They stipulate that doorstep lenders need to link to that website so people can compare the costs of credit. I note that due to the fact these heavily focused loan properties are having to link to that government property it has pushed them high for certain terms, such as door step lenders. Me owning an exact match for that term gives me a fighting chance of overtaking them for it and a way of generating more traffic and leads. I am now thinking i should sign up to a few aff's or possibly make it an information site and feature advertising. I am unsure yet. I note that the cost per lead from doorstep lenders is a bit low so that may swing me in the direction of advertising for revenue.
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