• Do You Need A Logo For A Marketing Email? Feb 18, 2021
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    I normally ghost out a number of articles on various subjects so that when there’s a particularly relevant item in the news, I can produce well researched copy quite quickly. You’ve hopefully noticed. One I prepared earlier on logo design seemed particularly apt as a number of companies are changing theirs, doing away with any flamboyance and coming up with something that is flatter. There’s a fair bit of logic to support such actions, and my original article was there to show why. But is it the way to go for email marketing?

    The trend would appear to be for simpler designs as evidenced by Warner Brothers’ change to a two-dimensional shield. Part of the reason for the change is fashion. Out of step doesn’t necessarily mean old-fashioned, but it’s difficult to pull off cool when you’re still using the same old logo.

    These new style logos seem to be regressive as they are reminiscent of those from the days when technology limited the options and most looked much the same as others. This change is for the same reason they moved on; technology. Most of our marketing emails are read on mobile devices and the screens on many struggle to reproduce detailed designs. If it doesn’t fit on a mobile phone, it’s useless.

    Some companies have made a half-hearted change, such as Google. Most people will not even notice it, so you might be wondering whether it’s worth all that effort, not to mention expense. If you are after something that is distinctive and easily remembered on an email marketing campaign, then go for it.

    Coca-Cola have decided to steer their own path. They say they are doing away with a logo entirely. Despite the difference in size between your company and that of Coca-Cola, it’s something you can consider. A logo takes up that most expensive of items in email marketing; space. If you are going to have your company name displayed above the fold, then the lack of a logo, pretty though it might be, will give more space for other, more useful content. For once, change might be cheap.

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