• Delivering a greater and more human omnichannel customer experience Sep 8, 2020
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    We often think that customers became technologically savvy, therefore they do not need any personal contact and most of the engagement happens through digital channels. Yet companies who eliminated all live interactions seem to lose customers.

    PwC survey “Experience is Everything” revealed that chatbots, digital payments, artificial intelligence is great but 70% of consumers still want human interaction. They want a personalized service delivered to them because they do not trust robotic “friends”.

    That means companies have to create such technology that blends consumer demand for new digital tools with a strong desire for human interaction.

    What will help create an omnichannel experience?

    Here is a list of tips that will help you to create a better omnichannel experience

    1. Be fast but flexible. Your service has to be responsive and take as little time to solve customers’ issues as possible.

    2. Be reliable and transparent. Proactively communicate with your customers. That is what they are looking for.

    3. Be interactive and empathetic. Consumers like when companies care about them.

    How then to make these tips work and create a better experience?

    There is a tool called Eyezon. It is simply a button but it allows that flexibility, reliability, and interactivity with customers. Eyezon is a service that makes customers look at the products live during live stream sessions without leaving their couch. It is safe, convenient, and engaging, moreover, everything happens right on your website without the need to install additional software or schedule meetings in other apps.

    When a customer clicks on the Eyezon button, the in-store consultant receives a request for a live stream. The consultant connects within a couple of minutes ready to show the needed product. During the stream, both parties can engage using text and audio messages or talk to each other.

    What will I receive with Eyezon?

    Using the button brings 80% more engagement with your website. 38% more time spent on your website and, more importantly, a 41% growth in conversions.

    Try Eyezon today and see clear benefits for yourself!
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