• CyberInsurer.UK Launched Today. Oct 31, 2019
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    Cyber Insurance for Small Businesses in the UK

    In the summer the UK Federation of Small Businesses released a report highlighting that Cyber Attacks aren’t a big business or big organisation problem, small businesses in the UK are ripe targets for cyber criminals. There are nearly 10,000 attacks against growing businesses everyday with an average cost of £1,300 per company.

    As someone who has owned, invested in and supported small and growing businesses for a long-time I wanted to find a way to help protect entrepreneurs from this growing threat.

    So I am extremely proud and excited to announce that today we have launched CyberInsurer.uk, Insurance for Entrepreneurs. The fastest way for small businesses, the self employed and startups in the UK to get premium Cyber & Data Breach Insurance.

    Underwritten and supported by QBE, a top 20 global insurer operating out of 40 offices with over 12,000 staff, CyberInsurer.UK offers protection designed specifically for new and fast growing businesses.

    QBE, have been awesome. They’ve helped us design a policy and purchase process for that means a busy entrepreneur can get Cyber cover within 5 minutes. Apart from a name, an email address and a company name, we actually only then need to know a company’s estimated turnover for the year and how much cover they want, ranging from £100,000 to £1,000,000, to give them a price and get them covered. All online, all very simple and transparent and all very small business focused.

    What this means for [we] busy entrepreneurs is, no more filling out ten pages of forms just to have a message that says “we need to call you”, no more digging around for details such as how many customer records are held, no more unnecessary time wasted on buying what should be a routine easy purchase.

    It’s often said that business ideas are born out of frustration. People who know me, know that I’m often impatient, impulsive and perhaps impetuous, so if I have to spend more than five minutes making a purchase it frustrates. So CyberInsurer.UK was conceived and is now live and ready to start protecting small businesses and entrepreneurs.

    Our mission is to make Cyber Insurance easy to understand, fair and specifically suited for the majority of businesses that drive the UK economy, SMEs and startups, the people like us who run these businesses take a lot of risks to become successful we want to make sure that there’s one less risk for small business owners and operator to worry about.

    Come visit us today at www.cyberinsurer.uk to see how we can help you.

    Many thanks
    Paul Callaghan
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