• Contact Management Simplified! Sep 20, 2018
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    It’s true that business contacts are often scattered in different databases. Many of them may even exist more than once, others may contain various incomplete and vague information.

    When a company is small, information is easily accessible, as it grows and new people join, it’s really hard to know people across the teams. Geographically spread teams become disconnected and simple interaction becomes a challenge, also remembering names and faces, knowing who does what, and simply finding someone’s phone number can be difficult at times.

    As per a LinkedIn survey - about 30% of users search on LinkedIn each month to view their co-workers’ profiles. LinkedIn also found that only about 38% of the users said that their companies’ intranets are effective in helping them get their coworkers contact data. And about 58% said they would be more productive if they can search for coworkers with specific names, departments, or skills alone to get their contacts details in time.

    Many companies try to build their own internal employee directories but they often lack basic search, grouping, real-time synchronization, etc.

    Get your contacts organized!

    AstroContacts is a Contact Management Software which let users easily find, learn about and contact their coworkers, through an app. Clicking on a coworker in the search results takes users to a cleaner and more detailed version of their work profile. Co-workers can see each others’ profiles even if they aren’t connected or know each other directly.

    This help employees be more productive and successful in their roles by making it easy to find the right people at right time. Whether employees are looking for someone with a specific colleague by title or skill, a new employee looking to contact other team members, or team members network for a new project, AstroContacts enables seamless connectivity anytime anywhere.

    It also brings the power of an HR database into an app which makes work contacts easily accessible whenever a new employee joins, and puts the control in the hands of HR and IT admins.

    AstroContacts is a lightweight, easy to use, cloud based contact management software that let you organize and manage your business contacts information from a central console.

    Take a free trial today!
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