• Complaints increase since the introduction of GDPR Mar 18, 2019
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    Guys, it’s been nearly 11 months since the introduction of GDPR. Can you believe it? You know it’s true what they say, time really flies when you’re having so much fun complying with legislation! However, there has been an unexpected (or expected, depending on who you talk to) consequence of all these changes and that is: complaints! What? Yes, complaints! Tons of them! How many? Well in the UK (aka the politest nation on Earth) the amount of Data Protection complaints have nearly doubled, and in Ireland (aka the friendliest country on the planet) the number of complaints are up nearly two thirds! Shocking! By the looks of it they have just HAD it and GDPR is to blame, right? But actually, if you dig a bit deeper there are some very simple explanations for this surge of chagrin.

    GDPR was designed to give Data Subjects more control over their personal data, and requires that any company that suffers a data breach has to notify its subjects within 72 hours of the breach being discovered. So that partly explains the surge, because people know about a breach that affects them. You can’t complain about something you have no clue about!

    Another contributing factor is the amount of high profile data breaches that have been in the news lately, especially involving tech companies that hold a lot of our data. They are on our radar and as a result we are more aware of data breaches on a larger scale and the severity with which they are treated.

    Gone are the early days of the internet where we would enter a scanned copy of our passport and the last 5 years of addresses just to find out what type of Pokemon we were on an online quiz. Once bitten twice shy; we are savvier now and understand the consequences of our data getting into the wrong hands.

    This is particularly true for payroll data and is why payroll companies are the ones who are taking GDPR as seriously as it should be. Payroll bureaus possess extremely sensitive data for sometimes hundreds of employees - birthdates, addresses, bank details... It is a hacker’s treasure trove and this is why payroll companies need to be extra vigilant when safeguarding against data breaches. This has always been the case, it’s just now GDPR is bringing these concerns to the forefront.

    So you see, just because the amount of complaints has increased doesn’t mean there’s been more breaches, it just means that we are more aware of them and how serious they are. It also highlights the scale of data breaches and leaks before GDPR came into effect and why this bit of legislation is necessary. That’s why BrightPay have designed a fully GDPR compliant bit of software called BrightPay Connect that essentially puts data protection up on a big ol’ pedestal.

    As their website says

    Our number one priority is security. All communication between BrightPay on your PC or Mac and the BrightPay Connect servers is carried out on a safe channel with maximum security. As you or your employees browse the online dashboards, we use various methods to protect against things like data injection, authentication hacking, cross site scripting, exposure flaws, request forgery, and the many other types of vulnerabilities.”

    Basically it means that your data is in very good hands. Book a demo today and get in touch at https://www.brightpay.co.uk/connect/

    Written by Aoibheann Byrne | BrightPay Payroll Software

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