• Choosing the Correct Commercial Debt Recovery Partner Apr 28, 2017
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    Choosing the Correct Commercial Debt Recovery Partner
    When you hear “Debt Recovery” it automatically paints a picture in your mind, which is not always a good picture. Unfortunately, the industry has a very bad perception and stigma attached to it and in some cases this perception is understandable. This perception is partly due to media hype and the unfortunate truth that there are some debt recovery companies out there that operate unethically and unprofessionally. Deciding to outsource your overdue or problem accounts on its own can be a big decision for a business let alone trying to select the best “Commercial Debt Recovery Partner” for your business.

    We have identified some key areas you should be looking at when deciding on the best Commercial Debt Recovery Partner for your business:

    Reputation and Length of Service

    There is no better way to judge the success of a company than to listen to what the company’s clients have to say about it and by the types of clients they have. Look at the company’s website you are considering to see their client testimonials or case studies to see what their clients are saying about them and don’t be shy to ask about other clients and if you could speak to any of them to get their opinion on the service. Do a general search on the internet on the company to see if there are any news articles, forums or articles talking about the company.

    The Right Fit for Your Business

    We use the phrase “Commercial Debt Recovery, Partner”, as this is very important the commercial debt recovery company you use should be an extension of your business and they should work with you at every stage to ensure the approach they take is in line with your company values and ethics, but equally your business should fit with their values and ethics.

    Protection of your Brand and Customer Relationship

    Maintaining a relationship with your customers should be the priority and at the front of the commercial debt recovery companies mind when recovering your commercial debt as you have made a commercial investment with your customers and want to protect that for current and future sales.


    We hope that this article has been useful in helping you select the correct Commercial Debt Recovery partner for your business. If you would like to discuss any of your Commercial Debt Recovery requirements, please contact us and we can discuss or advise you on your situation. Contact us today on 01698 821 468 or [email protected] and speak to our Credit Management Consultants today.
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