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    Do you have a business based in Birmingham, which you wish to take to the next level? Would you also like a marketing strategy, which will not get lost on the internet, and one where you can target a specific demographic who will really benefit from your product or service? If so, this blog will help you build your Birmingham based business through an age old marketing strategy: leaflet distribution.

    But surely, leaflet distribution is old news right?

    Leaflet distribution in Birmingham, or anywhere else for that matter, is an incredibly effective marketing strategy, which has actually seen growth despite all the competition from online marketing methods. According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) in their ‘Annual door drop industry report 2017’, “Since 2015, spend (on door drops) has risen by almost £20 million from £246.6 million to £266.3 million. Furthermore, the survey goes on to show that, “door-drops had the highest growth of any medium at 7.4%”. The internet was the only other medium which did grow, though at a lower rate of 3.3%. So, I think we can agree that leaflet distribution does work, and has a strong likelihood it can help build your business.

    Won’t my flyers just get thrown away?

    This is where you need to wear your ‘Mr Realistic’ hat. If you enquire for a leaflet distribution in Birmingham, and the company tells you they will charge you £40 per 1000 cash for solus, what would you think? Great deal, or straight in the bin? The likelihood is at least some of them will never get distributed. Let’s think about it, national living wage (NLW) is currently at £7.50, and soon to rise to £7.83. Say it takes 6 hours to distribute your flyers, and that travel time is around 30 minutes. This is a total of 6.5 hours times £7.50 = £48.75. If the company is employing these distributors (which they should be unless outsourcing the work) then they also have to factor in all other costs including holiday pay, SSP, pension, NI, etc, etc. I haven’t even got onto the business overheads! So if you hear a price which sounds too good to be true, then your flyers may well get thrown.

    So how can you identify a legitimate leaflet distribution company from a dodgy one?

    There are many ways you can differentiate a professional leaflet distribution business from a dodgy one; here are some pointers:
    1. Look at their website. Is it professional, is there lots of info, does the ‘About Us’ page actually talk about them, is the blog frequent and useful, do they explain how to benefit from leaflet distribution?
    2. Look at their social media. Are they alive, are other people and businesses frequently interacting with them, do they have a following, etc.
    3. Read reviews. Don’t just look at star rating overall but read the details. Sometimes reviews are squeed by disgruntled staff or people just not wanting flyers.
    4. Look for accreditations including members of trade bodies such as the DMA or CIM, or if they have won awards.
    5. Speak with them (phone or email) and consider whether their advice seems logical, helpful and simply that they are experts in their field.
    6. Consider the price. Expensive isn’t always a guarantee of quality, but often in this industry you get what you pay for.
    7. Ask if they give a discount for cash. If they say yes, stay clear. If they are dodgy with their accounts, they will likely be dodgy with your distribution too.
    8. Check availability. Often if they can do the distribution immediately it’s because they have no bookings - that’s bad news!
    9. Check them on companies house. It may sound a bit stalker like, but if you see they keep going bust, or they are being chased for unpaid debts, then this is not the appearance of a trustworthy or successful company.
    10. Go with your gut, if they seem good, give them a go.

    Top tips for building your business

    When it comes to investing in your first leaflet distribution in Birmingham, there are a number of factors to consider, which will give you the best chance of success (other than choosing a quality distribution company); here’s a few tips for you:
    1. Plan. Establish your ideal target audience and go to these areas, e.g. People 55+ with house value £300k+ within 15 miles of my business. To learn about planning click here.
    2. Actionable design. The design of your flyer plays a crucial role in your overall response rate. It must be actionable not informational, be eye catching and represent your business professionally. You can read about effective flyer design here.
    3. Appropriate print. It’s not just a case of going cheap. Print must be appropriate for your business and your target audience. Learn more here.
    4. Type of distribution. This blog focuses on door to door leaflet distribution, but direct mail may be more suited for you. To see which is best for you click here.
    5. Frequency. Plan a long term campaign instead of using a one hit wonder approach. To see why this transforms response rates read this blog here.
    6. Review. In PPC advertising you split test two similar adverts, comparing which is most effective. Do the same with your leaflet distribution. To learn how click here

    What’s the next step

    If you are serious about building your business, and believe a leaflet distribution in Birmingham may be the right strategy, then please feel free to contact me directly, and I can help you start building your business today. For a full consultation to build your business please do contact me directly: [email protected] or 01484 598555.

    Andrew Robinson
    Managing Director of Mr Flyer Ltd

    To read more on leaflet distribution in Birmingham, click here or read another Mr Flyer blog on Birmingham by clicking here
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