• BrightPay Connect - The Centralised HR System Your Business Needs Oct 8, 2020
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    If you are a human resources professional, then you’ve probably heard a lot about centralised HR systems by now. The internet is packed with blog posts, videos and articles all about how centralised systems can modernise human resources and bring old, paper-based systems into the twenty-first century. And they’re not wrong.

    Just a few years ago, most offices contained a small, windowless room overflowing with floor-to-ceiling filing cabinets and folders, inside of which could be found countless forms, policies, handbooks as well as detailed (and often mixed-up) files on every employee who’d ever worked for the business. Sound familiar? Well, thankfully these dusty rooms are quickly becoming a thing of the past as more and more businesses opt to modernise their human resources departments and handle HR in a new, more secure and infinitely simpler way.

    Enter the centralised HR system

    But you already know all of this. The real question on most HR managers minds right now isn’t whether or not to modernise, but how. With so many different software products on the market today, it can be hard to see the wood for the trees and, ultimately, choose a system that will work for your business. Here, we explain BrightPay Connect’s centralised HR system and break down its distinct advantages so that you can make that choice with confidence.

    Advantages of BrightPay Connect’s Centralised HR Solution

    BrightPay has won awards for Payroll Software of the Year in both 2018 and 2019. However, don’t be fooled by its success in the sphere of payroll. BrightPay Connect’s online platform is where its human resource functionality really comes to life.

    BrightPay Connect is a cloud portal add-on that comes with a whole range of additional features, thoughtfully and expertly designed to provide simple, sophisticated solutions to all of the challenges faced by HR professionals. These features include a clever employee app that’s compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, a comprehensive, secure employee self-service dashboard, automatic system-wide, secure cloud storage and much more. Read on for a more detailed breakdown of how these features can help your business.

    1. It Makes Working From Home Easier

    Today, more employees are working from home, either full-time or part-time, than ever before. This has many advantages for both the employee and employer, but human resources professionals know that it can present it’s own fair share of challenges too. BrightPay Connect solves many of these challenges through its employee app. Keep in touch with employees working remotely, distribute important documents through a secure portal and give your employees a wide range of self-service abilities.

    2. Ditch The Paper And Go Green

    Remember those dusty old filing cabinets we mentioned earlier? Well, an obvious advantage of BrightPay Connect is that it allows you to finally say a very cheerful goodbye and go green by transferring all of your documents, forms, employee files and other necessary paperwork to a highlysecure online system.

    3. Waste Less Time

    Another distinct advantage of ditching the filing cabinets and moving everything online is the time savings made. Instead of the HR manager having to leave their desk to make their way down to that filing cabinet cupboard and dig out the employee’s record to put in a holiday request or change the address on their file, employees can do it themselves, without once having to contact HR. Employees have access to their very own dashboard where everything can be done in just a few clicks.

    Human resource managers will be automatically notified with any requests or changes made which they can then approve or deny without having to schedule a meeting or take time away from other important tasks. Hello efficiency!

    4. Sophisticated User permissions

    Finally, BrightPay Connect allows multiple users on the system with the ability to add user restrictions and permissions. This means that a human resources manager can choose who gets access to what features of the system, improving security and data protection while also facilitating teamwork and collaboration.

    Try BrightPay Connect Today

    If all of the above isn’t enough to convince you that BrightPay Connect can transform your human resources, that’s okay. Why not see BrightPay Connect in action? Book a free demo to discover the many benefits that BrightPay Connect can offer your business. On top of all of this, you can check out free webinars, video tutorials, ebooks and guides that cover every aspect of getting the absolute most out of BrightPay Connect.


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