• Boosting Employee Motivation From Afar—Remote Working Strategies Jun 22, 2020
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    For a workforce to be productive, engaged, and remain innovative, your employees must be happy and motivated. No exceptions, no compromises.

    71% of the world’s most prominent business decision-makers feel that employee engagement is essential to their company’s ongoing success. Plus, 69% of employees across industries say they would be more motivated is they felt appreciated in their role.

    As the COVID-19 storm rages on and many of us are still living in a state of isolation (to some extent, at least), if you’re a team leader or an HR executive, looking after the wellbeing of your remote the workforce is essential.

    Your employees are the beating heart of the business. They may be geographically spread right now, but by keeping your staff engaged and inspired, you will ensure they remain motivated and, in turn, productive.

    To help you on your path to remote working success, here are three essential approaches you should take to improve employee motivation from afar.

    Get social

    Regular social interaction is proven to enhance communication and motivation within the workplace—and remote teams are no exception.

    By hosting regular virtual social events, you will be able to maintain a solid level of transparency concerning company news and updates which will increase engagement and boost morale across the board.

    When it comes to virtual social events, you can be as creative as you wish—the screen’s the limit—but to help guide your efforts, here are some motivation-boosting suggestions:

    1. A twice-monthly themed ‘show and tell’ session where everyone has a chance to give their colleagues an insight into their lives.
    2. A virtual pub for an hour or two at the end of each week where everyone can chat and mull over the week while having a couple of drinks.
    3. Regular one-to-one meetings where individual members of your team can voice their opinions, share their ideas or address their concerns without judgement.
    4. Frequent quizzes or problem-solving sessions.
    5. Reward and recognition meetings held on a regular basis.
    6. Team skill-sharing and learning workshops based on online materials.
    7. Semi-regular team competitions with prizes to incentivize participation. These incentives don’t have to be tangible and can include an hour off work, access to an online platform, service, or even a shopping discount code.

    Create an engagement hub

    As we live in an ever-evolving digital age, the tools and technology exist to drive engagement and encourage collaboration in deep, meaningful ways without relying on geographical proximity.

    By working with the right project management tools or investing in an intranet or internal social media-style platform, you will increase the range of communicative touchpoints your team can use to connect, converse, collaborate, and reward one another. An increasing number of brands are leveraging internal communication platforms to boost employee motivation—and it appears to be working.

    Internal collaborative tools or social-style platforms will make your staff feel more connected to the business, and each other, while offering ample opportunity to get involved with the company’s various virtual events or initiatives.

    Feeling engaged and connected will ultimately make your staff feel more invested in the business and more motivated as a result. Work with the right internal tools and you will yield positive results.

    Streamline your management activities

    If your business’s management processes are watery, internal inefficiencies will emerge from the digital woodwork and you will see friction—the kind that will hinder employee engagement and as a result, motivation levels.

    By harnessing the power of modern technology to your advantage, you will be able to streamline your most essential logistical management processes—activities that include internal comms, fulfilment, customer service and, of course, employee management—for the better.

    By introducing online rota software to the business, you will gain the ability to track employee working hours with pinpoint accuracy from a host of devices while verifying time and attendance with efficiency.

    If you take measures to manage your employees more effectively, your business will become more cohesive, more streamlined, and ultimately, boost staff motivation levels on a sustainable basis.

    "Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful."—Albert Schweitzer

    We hope this advice has given you the ideas you need to motivate and inspire your remote team. For more virtual working insights, read our guide to managing remote and office employees.
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