• Black sheep of e-marketing Oct 29, 2009
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    Social media is the black sheep of the e-marketing family, falling behind pay-per-click and email marketing in the minds of most marketers, but we predict that this is all set to change.


    Generally, businesses are just wakening up to what social media can do and how it should be treated. Currently used as a fun way to immerse users in brands, rather than as a tool for direct selling. Innocent drinks and Compare the Market are two companies that have got it right. Both have used Twitter to great effect with funny and engaging feeds which are ‘on brand’ and don’t do the hard sell.

    With the onset of more open source programs and widgets that do almost everything imaginable through the interface of a browser, social media is no longer the finger-in-the-air medium it used to be.

    We’ve started using blogs at Studiowide (you’re reading one right now!) and our target is to raise our profile as a leading marketing company in Liverpool. The posts that we make are replicated over the web through news feeds and also on twitter. This gives our followers and customers the opportunity to publically engage with us on their terms with comments and feedback. Ultimately, this level of activity is rewarded by Google who like content publishers.

    Social media is moving at speed so it’s vital that you get to grips with new developments; a word of caution though; try first before you jump in, see which one’s works for you and which ones don’t.

    Further information and other marketing services can be found at Studiowide; http://www.studiowide.co.uk
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