• Are you incurring unnecessary costs to recover overdue/problematic accounts? Jun 7, 2017
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    Overdue/problematic accounts can cause a strain on your cash flow and the accounts department resources and can be costly to the business when you are unable to recover the outstanding commercial debt in-house and have to go down the legal route to recover.

    The good news is that Darcey Quigley & Co can offer you an alternative to using a solicitor. Our Commercial Debt Recovery Service is a pre-litigation service and would be used instead of instructing a solicitor.

    We believe the legal option is often a costly, lengthy and often an unnecessary step, with Commercial Debt Recovery being the preferred option for many businesses. With no upfront costs, our debt recovery service not only protects the profit margins, but also the commercial relationship between the two parties by settling any payment issues in an amicable manner where possible.

    We have many clients that range from SME’s to large multi-nationals from a broad range of industries all over the world who have previously used solicitors to recover overdue/problematic accounts but felt that the process was very costly and time-consuming, sometimes taking up to 16 weeks to get a court hearing date.

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