• Any artists / Photographers / Crafters / Camera Clubs / Art Societies - lets talk Picture Mounts aka PhotoMounts Oct 10, 2019
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    This is a post on behalf of a friend who has just started work for a company that make , or rather cut Picture Mounts / PhotoMounts - they are basically the same thing. They are just called different things by different people.

    If you work in the 'Image' business - ie Photographers / Artists / Publishers / Camera Clubs / Galleries etc - then you will be in the business of needing Mounts. Mounts go around your artwork. The main aim is to protect the work from being touched by any glass or frame. To keep it held firmly in place and also to create a visual barrier around it.

    Businesses usually buy in bulk and if selling your work at a show / exhibition - you will also need backing boards and acetate bags. The backing boards hold the work in place and the bags are sealable so keep any dust out. These means the customer just has to choose a frame suitable to the room where the image will be displayed. More importantly - it usually leads to more sales.

    Make sure any mounts you use are 100% acid free , complies to the Fine Art Trade Guild 'Conservation' level, never use anything else as it may affect the artwork.

    I know there is an old saying a picture paints a thousand words (that was an old song if I remember correctly) anyway here are a few examples and a video.


    If you are in the image business then I hope business is doing well and getting better.
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