• [ Amazon Case Study ] 86% growth in sales in just 7 months. May 8, 2019
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    Amazon grew its UK revenue by 23.3% in 2018, which was just below 2017’s growth of 24.9% and faster than last year’s official UK internet retail sales growth of 14.5%, according to new independent estimates.

    With the rapid growth of Amazon sales, it is no surprise retailers are taking advantage of this and launching their products on Amazon. If you don’t do it, somebody else will and this is generally the case across all categories on Amazon.

    We work with many UK SMEs to grow their presence on Amazon via our progressive Amazon growth programme. This programme includes audits, product content and content optimisation, advertising and merchandising. The concept is to review the offerings and take growth points and accelerate that and consider weaker points and improve on them. There is not a set formula that applies to all businesses so we create a bespoke growth plan for all accounts and implement this whilst keeping you updated along the way. We took on a Manchester-based Amazon seller’s account mid-last year and we saw sales grow.

    Sales Growth

    Achieved around 86% growth in sales in just 7 months. This was achieved through new product launches, content optimisation and advertising.

    View the full case study to find out exactly nearly 90% sales growth was achieved.

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    Prabhat Shah,
    Marketplace Consultant
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