• Amaiz: Stash cash separately from your main account and don't miss any scheduled payments Aug 15, 2019
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    We're pleased to announce the arrival of Amaiz Jar Accounts. You can open a back-up Jar account in our app to store up money for anything you like - from trips abroad to tax bills, hosting fees to emergencies. It’s free for all Amaiz users. With an Amaiz Jar, it's easy to set clear, achievable goals. However big or small.

    What is an Amaiz Jar Account and how does it work?

    When you're self employed, sometimes you need somewhere to stash a little cash - a safe harbour for your hard-earned. Whatever's on the horizon for your small business, you can prepare by keeping money in an Amaiz Jar sub account linked to your main business current account. It's still your money, just moved to one side for when you need it most.

    Starting your Jar account is easy. Simply tap 'Add Jar Account' from your main account.


    You can move money between your main account and Jar, as often as you like - for free.

    Any money you lock into your Jar will be safeguarded from your daily spending so you can be sure your aims are never taking a back seat. With a Jar account, you’re automatically focusing on the things that matter most to your business.

    What can I use my Amaiz Jar for?

    Use your Jar to suit your circumstances:

    • Back-up fund
    Having a space for contingency funds helps you stay afloat. A sinking fund is a smart idea and helps you spread risk across the year.

    • Tax
    Moving between 20-30% of your income into a Jar every month keeps you one step ahead - and leaves plenty by the time Self Assessment comes around.

    • Business Growth
    If you need help budgeting, the fastest way to save money is to use a sub-account.

    • Pension pot
    The solution for sole traders can lie in stakeholder pensions – which you can stop and start without penalty, with a maximum charge capped at 1.5%.

    • The Lucky break
    Sometimes new opportunities spring from nowhere. What if you don't have the cash to hand? You might miss the chance to grow your business just because you're not ready.

    A tip for the newcomers

    We used to save the change in our pockets at the end of the day; we'd toss it in a bowl or jar. This could quickly add up to a few hundred pounds for all sorts of things. It’s not quite so easy in the age of plastic, but saving into a digital jar can help you with modest saving aims, as well as more lavish purchases. One way you can do this is to round up the pennies (or pounds, to the nearest ten) and move them into your Jar. Do this a couple of times a week and it’ll soon add up.

    If you have questions about Amaiz Jar accounts, our expert team is always happy to help. You can reach out to them any time by email or in the app.
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