• AmafestUK - A Full day conference for Amazon Sellers Mar 11, 2019
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    For the fourth year running, our annual conference in collaboration with Digitl is back! On 23rd May 2019 we will be at UKFast in Manchester to talk about all you need to know about selling on Amazon. Amazon is perfect for anyone wanting to sell online or people who want to expand their presence into a new marketplace, and there will be a variety of experts present to share their success stories and to provide information.

    Thank you all sponsors: Caribou, ShipStation, ZonSupport and Khaos Control

    Amazon currently controls around one half of the online retail market and have over 1.7 million sellers with products listed for sale on their marketplace. This is MASSIVE, so it is clearly the place to go if you want to advertise products for sale! It is because of this that we have decided to hone in and focus solely on Amazon at the conference this year, as opposed to last year where we discussed online selling in general.

    59% of millennials ‘always’ or ‘often’ start their online shopping journeys on Amazon, with 1 in 5 16-36-year-olds always heading to Amazon when looking to make an online purchase.

    Based on feedback received from our attendees in the past 3 years, we will be introducing more panel discussions this year as our audience found these most helpful and engaging. There will be 2 panel discussions: one on Amazon private labels and one on Amazon vendor central. Attendees can expect to receive information that they can implement themselves on their own Amazon stores, and with many success stories being discussed people can be inspired and motivated to create their own success story.

    The amazing news is that Amafest is open to everyone, not just people who are already selling products on Amazon. There will be many experts present so a real insight can be gained for both people who want to start selling and established Amazon sellers. We have people who are working for start-up Amazon businesses, all the way to global enterprises like Amazon Sellers Lawyer, so a wide range of knowledge will be contained in one place! For more information, a list of speakers is available on the website at https://amafestuk.com/speakers/ who are all invited based on their expertise in certain areas. Each talk will be approximately 25 minutes long and there will be time at the end for questions.

    If you are interested in learning all aspects of the world of Amazon, the burning question would be “how can I get my hands on a ticket?!” The good news is registration is simple and completely FREE, so head over to https://amafestuk.com now to secure your ticket.

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